Scott Geoffrey Newson: Fun with Non-Digital Solutions

8 May 2011 - 5:34am
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Yohan Creemers

Scott Newson has worked with: farmers, engineers, artists, programmers, geologists, students, and soccer-playing-children. Working with the MyHomeYourHome: Tiny House Project, he got to question how life can be lived with limited residential square-footage and, at the same time, learn how difficult it is to grow a vibrant community around a wiki. At the student-run cafe at university he chopped veggies so well that he was promoted to develop and run the bulk ordering system, in the process experiencing the trails and tribulations that come with providing healthy food to stressed and time-starved students. He recently went to Scotland for the summer to write code for a geology company, and got to experience the wonders of the widespread and well-used train network in the UK.

He is studying Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics, and Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, and will be graduating in the next year. He generally works at the interface between software developers and specific users, having learnt geology, food preparation and basic construction to speak with end users in their own terms. Currently he is working in the other direction and preparing a paper for publication that applies an understanding of ecological evolution to the development of search algorithms in computer science.

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