Virgil Wong & Ashkay Kapur: The Future of Design, Healthcare and Mobile Technology

5 Apr 2012 - 1:44pm
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Mobile technologies are having a transformative impact on both healthcare access and delivery. The interaction design of a given product for healthcare may have actual life or death consequences. This presentation will highlight key examples of innovative designs for new smart phone and tablet software that helps people manage chronic diseases, quantify their health status, and connect to critical medical resources via remote health monitoring. Benefits of good health technology design for both clinicians and patients include better informed decision-making processes and efficiencies gained through well-organized and aggregated data sets.

Learning objectives include:

- How to create powerful design processes to solve complex problems in medicine and healthcare.

- How designers can best shape technologies to empower patients, physicians, and researchers.

- How to effectively present modular, complicated, variable and voluminous data on mobile computing platforms.

Emerging designs that are serving as stepping stones in the convergence of healthcare and health information technology will be discussed. The presentation will include live demonstrations of outstanding mobile healthcare app designs and other new technologies being used by both patients and clinicians. The importance of interaction design will be emphasized in its critical role for bringing the benefits of mobile technologies to doctors, patients and the overall health care community.

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