10 May 2007 - 11:36am
9 years ago
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Personas or some other technique?

Hi there,

I'm working on a complex portal/business tool project for a major home
services (cleaning) company. I have very limited resources however - I don't
have access to the users in order to do interviews for example. All I have
is a business requirement document, and a spreadsheet showing the primary
"actors" on the system (really, roles). I also have the old system (windows
based) installed on my machine for reference (although it is changing quite
a bit)

I wanted to build some personas as a design tool, but I don't think I have
enough information.

21 Dec 2006 - 1:53pm
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Personas Personas Personas

What about "innovation"?

BusinessWeek even added a quarterly addition to their magazine about

Personally, I find "personae" so uninteresting.

31 Aug 2006 - 2:51pm
Steve Mulder

New personas book

Hi all -

Just a quick note to announce the release of my book on user research
and personas, with the understated title "The User Is Always Right: A
Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas." If you attended the IA
Summit in Vancouver, you might have heard me give a preview of some of
the book's content on adding more science to persona creation.

28 Jul 2006 - 1:11pm
10 years ago
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Leah Cunningham

personas for an Intranet

Hi all,

I'm doing personas for an intranet portal. I haven't done a lot of these and
the client has never done it. I have identified four primary ways in which a
user would interact with the site and I want to do a persona for each. The
client however, wants to do a persona for every specific job role they have
in the company. We are going back and forth on this and I am having a hard
time articulating my argument. First of all, am I right? Second of all, if I
am right I'd be interested in some concrete examples that will help support
my argument.

25 Jan 2005 - 2:46pm
11 years ago
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Lada Gorlenko

Beyond big personas and power points

[Inspired by the two threads, particularly, by recent Robert
Reimann's comments]

Has anyone got any data/observations/stories on how the persona method
works in different cultures?

I have none.

24 Jan 2005 - 10:43am
11 years ago
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Greg Petroff

the big persona


Anyone have an idea on how to adress the creation of a
persona for a single special user?

I have an internal project where there is an amazing
and well known senior manager who needs to be part of
the persona process except that its too transparent.
You can read the persona and you know its her. There
is realy no hybrid I can build.

And she is a valid user of the system we are building
and also the one paying for the project.

23 Jan 2005 - 6:47pm
11 years ago
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Dan Zlotnikov

Powerpoint vs. "regular" slides

I recall reading an article in which powerpoint was blamed for its
inefficient and ineffectual presentation of data. A comparison was
then made between a single slide and something like four powerpoint
slides that were needed to present the same data, losing the
obviousness of certain trends in the process.

I've just spent a good half an hour trying to find it with zero
success, so I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about.

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