19 Oct 2009 - 1:29am
6 years ago
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Murray Thompson

Golden oldies: pre-web-era book recommendations

We have a lot of great communication and design-related books
published in last 15 years, but there are others from 30+ years ago
whose content still rings true. Sometimes they may speak even more
loudly than when they were first published and remind us that many
concepts we're exploring today aren't always so new after all.

Some like those from Marshall McLuhan, Edward de Bono, and
Christopher Alexander are still talked about and mentioned once and a

17 Jun 2009 - 8:02am
7 years ago
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Adam Lerner

User experience blogs / journals with an emphasis on non-web applications?

Can anyone recommend blogs or journals that provide insight into
current trends or usability studies regarding non-web applications?

Most of what I see lately is very e-commerce & RIA-centered and,
while I do my best to incorporate some of the best elements of RIA
interaction design into my client-server app UIs (while respecting
the conventions of the host OS) I would love to know what other
people are doing and learning.


30 Apr 2009 - 11:02am
7 years ago
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[EVENT] UX Book Club Boston (with Steve Krug) - May 6th

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I started a branch of the UX Book Club ( here
in Boston (more info: a few months back.

Our 2nd meeting is this coming Wednesday, May 6th @ 7PM at Betahouse
( We're reading "Don't Make Me Think" by
Steve Krug. Best part is, Steve has agreed to come.

Please RSVP at the Yahoo!

17 Jan 2009 - 7:36pm
7 years ago
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Chauncey Wilson

New Book: Practical Prototyping with Excel

Nevin Berger, MIchael Arent, Jonathan Arnowitz, and Fred Sampson have
a new book out:

Berger, N., Arent, M., Arnowitz, J., Sampson, F. (2009) Effective
prototyping with Excel: A practical handbook for developers and
designers. Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann.

Excel is not often mentioned as a prototyping tool in the
UX/Interaction design community, but it can be a powerful tool for
generating active forms, wireframes with links, and medium or
high-fidelity prototypes.

18 Nov 2008 - 1:09pm
7 years ago
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Andy Polaine

The Designers Review of Books

Hi folks,

Quick plug for a new site I've launched called The Designers Review of

Although there are not yet any reviews on interaction design you can
be sure I will be covering that area quite a bit, given that it's my
own discipline. I'm going to be (p)reviewing Dan Saffer's Designing
Gestural Interfaces very soon too (thanks Dan!) to coincide with an
interview with him on Core77.

So, here are two questions to you all:


13 Oct 2008 - 10:41am
7 years ago
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Rob Tannen

Deconstructing Product Design

William Lidwell's forthcoming book, Deconstructing Product Design, won't be published until Fall 2009, but he is soliciting input on 100 classic product to include in the book. From the web site:
If you have actually used any of these products, know interesting or little known facts about them, or have a visceral response or personal perspective that you would like to share, write it up as a comment on this site.

2 Oct 2008 - 6:04pm
7 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Design Books

I get a lot of questions about design education material, books and
recommendations via private email. I've been meaning to put together a
reference post on Design by Fire, but constantly find little time to
do it the way that want to. So I figure I'd at least post my book
recommendation to the list and let folks see it and comment on it.
Online material will have to come later.

This list represents what I consider the most useful and inspirational
books on all manner of things Design.

14 Jun 2008 - 8:00pm
8 years ago
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Jack L. Moffett

Information Design books

I'm planning a course for the Fall, and I'd like suggestions. I taught
a masters-level course last year titled "Information Design &
Visualization". I used Tufte's "The Visual Display of Quantitative
Information" and "Ambient Findability" by Peter Morville. This coming
year, the course will be taught to graphic design seniors.

11 Jun 2008 - 7:56pm
8 years ago
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[Book Review] Web Form Design, Filling in the Blanks

I just finished this book, and thought I would share my book review with the
community. Enjoy!

- Will

Book Review
Web Form Design, Filling in the Blanks
By Luke Wroblewski
Publisher: Rosenfeld Media

The scene is all too familiar. You're presenting wireframes of the
registration process for a new web application when the discussion veers
down a dark alley. The sky has turned the color of black ink, and you can
smell sulfur in the air as one team member after another debates the
alignment of form labels.

23 May 2008 - 9:45am
8 years ago
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Alexander Baxevanis

Designing Visual Interfaces

Hi all,

many of you may have read or just come across the book "Designing
Visual Interfaces" by Mullet & Sano
( I think it's a
very interesting book and many of the principles described in the book
still hold today. However, most of the examples are very outdated and
also the technology has moved on in some areas (e.g.

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