30 Aug 2005 - 12:52am
8 years ago
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Suresh JV

Door handles & Usability

Open HouseHi,

We all know about "Door Handles > Affordance > Usability." Here is an icing on cake. [IMHO] Comments welcome. I'd love to see know this idea can be streched
to future products [offline products with internet connectivity] and what could be the role of
UI designer [Or some Designer - but dont get me started on that]

Suresh JV.

26 Jul 2005 - 1:36pm
9 years ago
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Richard Zobarich

Intellectual Property and Usability Testing


May I have your advice please? I would like to explore issues surrounding Intellectual Property and Usability Testing.

I am currently providing User Experience Research and Design services for a start-up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Time after time, we revisit the notion of Intellectual Property (IP) and Usability Testing. For example, does IP exist before Usability Testing or not? If so, who owns the IP?

15 Jun 2005 - 2:00pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

book recommendation for everyone

I'd like to recommend that everybody read the new edition of Cost-Justifying Usability : An Update for the Internet Age.

I just finished reading the majority of it, and thought that it was an excellent read. While it is a "usability" book, it's a valuable resource for interaction designers also, particularly if they have to ROI activities.

In addition, there was an excellent chapter that detailed how to think about improving internal social return on investment.

31 May 2005 - 3:04pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

usability testing firms in NC?

Can anybody recommend any usability testing firms in Raleigh/Durham, NC?

-Wendy Fischer

29 Apr 2005 - 3:14pm
9 years ago
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aelman.861302 a...

Usability analytics tools?

So my role on our design team has recently been tending towards data-mining
and analytics. I've been able to get a *lot* of interesting answers to questions
using a combination of direct SQL queries, Perl, and Excel.

3 Jan 2005 - 2:25pm
9 years ago
1 reply

"Usability Meets TV Advertising?"

OK, it's a new year but an old problem:


"Experience from overseas (notably the UK) and some activity here in the US
suggests that as far as interactive advertising is concerned..."

What exactly is the "UK experience" mentioned here?

Nullius in Verba

24 Nov 2004 - 10:46am
9 years ago
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David Texidor

Ease-of-use: Efficiency vs Intuitiveness ?

In thinking about the ease-of-use of a product or application, there
seems to be an assumption with some designers that give and take must
happen as it relates to efficiency and intuitiveness. (IOW, You have to
design for one at the sacrifice of the other, at least on some level.)

Where does this idea come from? Why can't we design and build something
that is both efficient and intuitive?

31 Oct 2004 - 9:03pm
9 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

Conflict of Usability goals with Training objectives?

This is a question more from overall product strategy point of view.
The scenario is a typical product redesign initiative with full UCD
recommendations. This involves the whole 9 yards with close
interactions with users. Also, the same team is assigned to carry out
research for training needs too. This is causing some to be skeptical
about the approach.

26 Oct 2004 - 3:18pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

RE: Payment for Testing for participants?

How much would one expect to pay a user (it would be a developer) for a two hour usability test? I am thinking $75-$100 after looking at Craigslist.


26 Oct 2004 - 2:52am
9 years ago
3 replies
zayera at

Digital/Interactive TV usability & interaction design

Hey folks,

I am looking for software to use in testing TV-applications, does anyone
have any experience in conducting digital/interactive TV tests?

Are there any good books or references about digital/interactive TV interaction
So far, I haven't found any and I am wondering how the existing applications
were designed, what criteria for user-centered design were followed, what
guidelines etc..
Obviously more and more interactive TV applications are being created and
used (more so in Europe) but very few have been discussed in the HCI & interaction
design circles.
The research and

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