15 Jul 2013 - 2:19pm
2 years ago
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Opinions sought - is it really worth finishing grad school?

Hello folks,

I'm thinking aloud here, and wanted to hear some other opinions..

I'm an MFA Interaction Design graduate student doing my first internship as a UX designer. One of our clients planted a seed in my head that maybe I shouldn't finish my graduate program and just get into the job market, and that seed has taken root. 

4 Jun 2011 - 2:43pm

Design Salary Survey's

Be sure to take the ALA 2010 Web Design Survey which is currently open.

And AIGA has their current data available:

8 Feb 2011 - 5:26pm
5 years ago
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Salary Requirements in Austin, Texas

Hi there,

I had my first interview with a company who is very much interested in me. I am originally from Boston, MA and I'm currently living in Spain. The company is in Austin, TX. They wanted my salary requirements but I'm really not sure what to give them. Based on the research I've done It seems that 62k would be an accurate figure. As an intern in Boston I made 33/hour or about 67k per year equivalent. I have 2 years of experience (2 internships in Human Factors) and a Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering specializing in Human Factors Engineering. 

2 Jul 2010 - 10:54am
6 years ago
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Megan Rye

The Highs & Lows | Researching UX Salaries

Hello All,

I'm researching UX salaries in the US, and wondering if there are any good suggestions out there!

So far I've found the UPA's 2009 Salary Survey (free version) and AIGA 2010 Salary Survey to be helpful. The respondents in the UPA Salary Survey are mostly from Advertising and Software companies, and the AIGA sample set seems more general design oriented, less about UX. I'm especially interested in UX Designer and Director level salaries for cutting edge multimedia products/companies.

27 Oct 2009 - 1:57pm
Carl Alviani

Coroflot 2009 Designer Salary Survey closes Thursday night

A quick announcement and reminder that the 9th Annual Coroflot
Designer Salary Survey is currently open, but will be closing down at
midnight EST on Thursday, October 29.

Although there are a number of surveys that include IxD salaries,
Coroflot's is unique in the breadth of other design disciplines it
encompasses, offering a rare chance to view IxD in the context of the
creative professions overall.

The presence of the IxD field on the Survey, and on Coroflot as a
whole, has been growing dramatically over the past few years, so
we're eager to get as many responses as possible.

19 Jan 2007 - 3:07pm
9 years ago
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Steven Keith

User Experience Design Professionals :: Salary and Levels

I am increasing the size of a user-centered design team am considering
additional UXD folks. I am curious about your ideas and feelings about a
taboo subject. Does anyone feel like they have experience or their mind
around how to best add ³junior² UXD folks to an existing UCD team. Typical
or expected salary (Southeast US: Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC),
delineation of tasks, etc. Having a hard time finding relevant info/data to
support hiring the right folks.

24 Oct 2005 - 5:00pm
10 years ago
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going rates for work

I want to know how much you are getting paid!
*Just kidding*

My company is looking at some staffing ramp-up, based on some possible
marketing decisions. Just interested to see what you guys think the
going rates for the following web personalities would be (by hour or

Sr Web Interface Designer (Designs html prototypes, visual interfaces
and interaction of web-based applications. Designs and evaluates
visual human interfaces utilizing user-centered design principles.)

Sr. Web Developer (Implements the user interface design. Creates
production ready screens for engineering dev.

28 Mar 2004 - 7:48pm

Reminder About Salary & Consulting Rate Survey


To those of you who have already participated in our 2004 Salary &
Consulting Rate Survey for Usability & HCI Professionals, Spirit Softworks
and Peak Usability thank you! Over 690 respondents have participated so far.

If you have not yet participated in our survey of salaries and consulting
rates for usability and human-computer interaction professionals, time is
running out.

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