31 Oct 2006 - 3:34pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Prototyping tools for mobile game app.

I am researching prototyping tools for mobile games that are developed in J2ME and Brew. I need to create rapid prototypes of interfaces relatively quickly and be able to port something to a mass market phone for a usability test or a marketing demo.

I need something that 1) has a low learning curve, 2) is easy to port to a mass market phone and 3) utilizes a WYSIWYG interfaces without a lot of coding.

I'm not finding a lot.

25 Jan 2006 - 5:06pm
10 years ago
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DHTML vs. Flash/Actionscript

I've been using Flash/Actionscript for rapid prototyping
of various new features/functionality in our products.
It has been successful and I'm happy with the flexibility
and power that Flash/Actionscript offers.

I just saw a demonstration of a pretty slick prototype in
DHTML, including numerous interface widgets and interactivity.

Are there any strong opinions as to the superiority of one
over the other? Is it just a matter of one tool versus another
and personal choice?

Just curious...

Russell Wilson | Director of Product Design | NetQoS, Inc. |

30 Sep 2005 - 5:04am
10 years ago
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sajid saiyed

Rapid prototyping tool

I would like to discuss about Rapid Prototyping (RP) tools.
I know this has been discussed before, but my question is more specific and
not web related.
There are some tools available for RP such as:
Kaleido by :
Rapid Plus by :
These are great tools BUT not too easy for designers.
So, does anyone know of a similar prototyping tool which can be easy to
adopt for a designer an

11 Oct 2004 - 4:36pm
11 years ago
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david gee

Tools for Rapid Prototyping GUI apps

I've been designing web applications for a few years, and am very
comfortable with rapid prototyping with DHTML/XML tools. A new project
involves designing for a C++ Windows MFC app, something I'm not very
familiar with at all. Are there any tools out there that make it easy to
throw together non-functional toolbars / dialogs very quickly and
easily, with control over layout (centering, padding, etc) or are HTML
or Flash still the only way to do hi-fi prototypes for this type of app?

17 Jun 2004 - 4:47pm
Christian Simon

Rapid Prototyping: Flash

> I REALLY recommend people look into Flash MX 2004. The addition of "screens"
> makes the new version of flash really easy for building application
> prototypes.

Dave, you forgot to mention Macromedia's well touted SmartClips. I
interviewed at a company that was using smart clips to generate multiple
custom files. They reused many of the same elements and used Flash's feature
to good use. Used this way it even eliminates the need for programmers

The new FlashMX sites are full of people authoring their own interface

16 Jun 2004 - 7:56pm
12 years ago
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Rapid Prototyping: Visio

At 08:35 PM 6/16/2004 -0400, Jim Hoekema wrote:
> > Eg: I put a button on-screen and activate it to go to page 2. I've tried
> > Object Behaviours and I've tried Hyperlinks. Since Visio likes to float
> > every page uniquely on the background, linking from one page to another
> > causes undesired jumpiness. I tried viewing fullscreen, but the
> > hyperlinks don't preserve full-screenness (full-screnity?) from page to
> > page.

15 Jun 2004 - 10:24am
12 years ago
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Nathan Moody

Rapid Prototyping (was: Konfabulator)

FWIW, I thought I'd share several techniques that my firm uses for=20
rapid prototyping.

1. Visio. Since all our IA schematics/wireframes originate in Visio,=20
it's fairly easy to assign objects HTML links and export your Visio=20
deck as HTML. This is a great way to also test your IA thinking on test=20=

audiences and conduct wireframe usability reviews. Adobe Illustrator=20
and Macromedia Freehand can do similar stuff, but the true multi-page=20
Visio environment is easier to manage.

2. Flash. This is really our prototyping weapon of choice.

27 Apr 2004 - 4:50am
12 years ago
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Olly Wright

mobile phone prototyping and usability

Hi all,

One of the students here at Interaction-Ivrea is looking for
information on prototyping techniques and usability for mobile phones.
He's already got the Nokia book "Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed
the Face of the Mobile Phone." Most specifically, he's interested in
prototyping methods and techniques for mobile phones.

Anybody have some pointers? I ask here because I figure it might be an
interesting thing for others on this list. Excuse me if you've seen me
post this on another list.


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