17 Apr 2008 - 4:07pm
7 years ago
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RANT: OmniGraffle Leopard Version

Am I just retarded or is the canvases window in the new OmniGraffle
really confusing? The icons next to each layer only tell you which
ones are NOT active, not the ones that are (i.e., visible icons
indicate a negative, not a positive). And when you mouse over, a bunch
of icons come up that are hidden under the cursor. I'm constantly
selecting the wrong layers to show and hide because I can't tell
what's going on, which makes me feel very dumb indeed.

Let the voting commence:

A. [ ] User is retarded

5 Nov 2007 - 2:52pm
8 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Paper is not a prototyping tool

On Nov 4, 2007, at 6:39 PM, KS Wang wrote:

> Paper! ... Good for drafting out, materialising and visualising the
> ideas I have
> in mind, before moving on the the standards like Visio, Omni Graffe

Paper is not a prototyping tool. It's a design tool. It's a sketching
tool. It's a way to get ideas directly from one's brain into the
world with as little information loss as possible. But it's not a
prototyping tool.

26 Jun 2007 - 6:32am
8 years ago
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Christopher Fahey

Design is Different (was: eBay redesign)

I wrote:
>> The answer has to do with level of detail. A "business
>> goal" is sometimes very general, e.g. to "increase
>> revenue, or it can be more specific but not quite
>> design-granular, e.g. "make it easier for users to set
>> up seller accounts". A "design goal" might be inspired
>> by or based on a business goal, but is a little more
>> granular. It's a child of a business goal.

26 Jan 2007 - 3:53pm
8 years ago
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Current Methodologies vs. Technology (Was: Sketching vs. Prototyping: Bill Buxton)

> Jared said:
> In his world, a sketch should communicate how "done" the thinking is.
> Rough sketches communicate early thoughts. (referring to Bill Buxton)

I definitely understand that, but what if you can actually build multiple
working prototypes in the same amount of time it takes to make the sketches?

Time for a rant:

There seems to be an underlying sense that everyone's goal is to build 1
perfect solution, but with the Web we can build multiple solutions and run
them all at the same time.

18 Jan 2007 - 2:27am
8 years ago
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Esteban Barahona

Simplicity is Not Understood

note: this is a draft sour/sober personal opinion. it's not directed to
anyone in particular, really. don't take it too seriously if you don't want.
It doesn't have to do with IxD (wtf is IxD? really? is it
ProductDesign+HCI+Psychology+ScienceOfMind? who cares, IxD is a brand to
have more cash)... w/e

I "hate" to do this, talk in first person about this issues. but enough is

19 Oct 2006 - 3:32am
9 years ago
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Mozilla Firefox - showing passwords

Hi, all

There was something on my mind for a whiIe and now I decided to ask: Has
anyone any ideea what in the world determined the makers of Firefox to
display all stored passwords on a user's computer just at 3-4 clicks away?
To me, it makes the feature of storing passwords almost useless.
I like to have things as simple as possible, so I generally choose to stay
'logged in' and have passwords remember and things like that.

29 Nov 2005 - 9:56pm
9 years ago
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Wendy Fischer

Romantic notions of UCD rant

Odd, I had this romantic notion of UCD. One
researches users and then designs a specific user
experience that is created and crafted for the
specific set of users.

8 Dec 2004 - 6:10pm
10 years ago
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Stewart Dean

Google Groups - When Interaction Design goes wrong.

I need some help here,

I have been an avid user of google groups for a few years now (and was using
deja news before that). The first version of google groups was a bit clunky
but once you worked out how to use it you could find and read messages very
quickly. To keep track you could search for someone and track your posts
just click on your name. Sure the way to find groups meant sometimes groups
where hard to get to. Gradual improvements where that - improvements but
there was some room for a few changes.

The along came the google groups 2 beta.

20 May 2004 - 10:25pm
11 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Ph.D. in HCI

On May 20, 2004, at 8:56 PM, Jim Hoekema wrote:

> I would expect someone with a Ph.D. in HCI to have excellent research
> skills, extensive knowledge of methodologies and theories, and the
> ability
> to write papers, but I would never assume or expect any more
> interactive
> design skill than someone without a degree.

That just seems wrong to me. I realize this may be the reality, but it
still seems wrong to me.

Why spend all that time getting a PhD if you end up only being an
academic? How useful is that? I mean...

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