2 Nov 2011 - 10:14pm
2 years ago
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The Google interface looks good for you?

I am a designer in brazilian company focuzed in financial communication and now I work in a new app project and my boss loves the Google interface in specific Gmail, but I dont know, I believe that Google is not good enough, is a good reference but is not the better user xperience, right?

19 Nov 2010 - 4:13am
3 years ago
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Aen Tan

Is the search button becoming obsolete

General usability guidelines states users expect a search feature to contain besides the search field, a button labeled "search". Looking at recent designs of search, the button is disappearing. These lack the search button.

  • All Apple search, i.e., Spotlight and iOS. They have a clear button. On iOS, the keyboard provides a search button.
  • Google Chrome. The address bar functions as a search and is activated by pressing Enter.

15 Sep 2010 - 5:27am
3 years ago
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Buttons are dead, Google killed them

Hello everyone. 

I've made a post on some thoughts about the user experience and UI handling at homepage following the adoption of Instant search.

I think google need to ditch the 'Google Search' and "i'm feeling lucky' buttons which is absolutely unnecessary with the google Instant experience.

here is my post

Kindly have a look.


8 Sep 2010 - 9:22pm
3 years ago
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Thoughts on Google Instant Search?

I'm REALLY curious to know your thoughts on Google Instant Search.

I'm really stoked to see this. It's a very intuitive user experience. The fact that search refreshes as you type, to me, means that it's an active state of something that used to be the typical call and response. It will be interesting to see if this pattern starts to permeate into other areas of search, say, in your companies intranet site, or your file structure on your mac.

6 Jul 2010 - 1:23pm
4 years ago
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Jennifer Wolfgang
20 Jun 2010 - 2:48pm
4 years ago
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Ethan Bond

Android UI Overlay Project


I'm a young graphic designer who recently made a theme for hacked Motorola Droids. While doing this I realized I didn't have nearly the creative freedom that I wanted, but also that the stock Android OS is really...really ugly and rough around the edges.

I'm curious if anyone would be interested in starting a team to make an overlay (entire new UI with set of system apps) for Android handsets and tablets. I don't code, but I know Android apps are coded in Java. 

7 May 2010 - 7:14am
4 years ago
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Prashant Dixit

Google's New Design

By now, I’m sure we all must have noticed the new design that Google recently rolled out. I somehow feel that the left hand sidebar filters can be designed better.  Even the transition from more search tools to fewer search tools does not seem to be very smooth. Google has been experimenting with this sidebar for many months now. I wish if there was an option to “turn off” this new sidebar. Though I really like the way more filters are given in search categories such as Images, Books etc.  Especially the color and type search in images is absolutely fundu.

19 Mar 2010 - 10:06pm
4 years ago
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Martin Alejandro

Nueva Interfaz y funcionalidades en Youtube

En el grupo en Inglés de IxDA, están debatiendo sobre un tema acerca del que postee hace poco.

El post en Inglés (sin respuestas al momento): (abre en nueva ventana)

Mi post: (abre en nueva ventana)

Si les interesa, podemos seguir el debate por aquí.


IxDA Buenos Aires
Community Manager


29 Jan 2010 - 12:32pm
4 years ago
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Jeff Kraemer

Showcase/Portfolio examples

Hi all,

I just came across 37Signals' Sortfolio (,
which allows users to filter through portfolios.

It reminded me a little of Google's Fast Flip
(, although that interface offers
minimal filtering and meets different user needs.

I'm interested in finding similar interfaces that showcase pages and
allow extensive filtering. Can you think of any more examples? (It'd
be nice if they were as well-executed as Sortfolio, naturally.)


16 Sep 2009 - 2:41pm
4 years ago
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Jonathan Cohen

Google Fast Flip

"Fast Flip is a new reading experience that combines the best
elements of print and online articles. Like a print magazine, Fast
Flip lets you browse sequentially through bundles of recent news,
headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top

I like the addition of recommended and popularity filters, which I
hope spread to other Google products.

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