18 Apr 2010 - 3:58pm
5 years ago
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IxDA on Ning

A quick poll for all you members out there. A while ago this group was created on the NING network:

8 Dec 2004 - 7:10pm
11 years ago
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Stewart Dean

Google Groups - When Interaction Design goes wrong.

I need some help here,

I have been an avid user of google groups for a few years now (and was using
deja news before that). The first version of google groups was a bit clunky
but once you worked out how to use it you could find and read messages very
quickly. To keep track you could search for someone and track your posts
just click on your name. Sure the way to find groups meant sometimes groups
where hard to get to. Gradual improvements where that - improvements but
there was some room for a few changes.

The along came the google groups 2 beta.

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