13 May 2008 - 10:30am
8 years ago
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David Mathew

Visual indication of a partially selected group

Are there any good conventions for displaying a "partially selected
checkbox"? I have a tree of checkboxes and I'm trying to think of the
clearest way to show the user an indication that a parent checkbox is in one
of the following three states:

1. All of its items (child checkboxes) are selected/checked
2. Some but not all of its items are selected ("partially selected", ie some
child checkboxes are checked and some are not)

18 Feb 2005 - 7:27pm
11 years ago
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Stan Taylor

checkboxes or yes/no questions

A debate has arisen about the value of using checkboxes vs. yes/no questions. A checkbox is a yes/no question, essentially. But imagine a set of questions about what you do, for example, sports activities. Is it better to have "Do you swim? - Yes No" (using radio buttons for yes and no), "Do you bicycle? - Yes No", etc., etc., or "What sports activities do you do:" followed by Swim, bicycle, etc., with checkboxes next to them.

I am asking because I recall that research has been done, though I can't locate it, on difficulties with answering yes/no questions.

3 Sep 2004 - 4:23pm
H Taylor

RE: Location of selection checkboxes on lists

Dave's comment, below, is a little milder than my reaction: question
assumptions! Without delving into the politics of the situation, are
you sure it's not time to reconsider the fundamental approach which has
led to a screen that is growing unmanageable?

Would prototyping and user-testing some alternatives be a feasible way
to check the assumptions being made?

3 Sep 2004 - 10:16am
11 years ago
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Rao, Malini

Location of selection checkboxes on lists


I am currently working on a web application for sourcing and spend analysis
and I am toying with an issue that I thought might be interesting to open to
the forum and get input. The product uses a lot of lists and usually has
check boxes on every row with a 'select all' checkbox on the top with
associated action buttons also on top of the list. The lists so far have
been only as wide as the screen in the ideal screen resolution for which the
product is designed and the header with the action buttons always remained
in view and out of the vertical scroll area.

16 Aug 2004 - 11:58pm
12 years ago
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carl myhill

Windows UI Compliance Checklist?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a checklist for assessing whether a UI has conformed to
Microsoft Windows style guidelines? For example, whether dialog text conform
to capitalisation standards, etc.



26 Feb 2004 - 5:21pm
Dave Malouf

When a widget is just not right ( was RE: Re-ordering rows in a table.)

Hey there,

Andrei said, why would you ever use a checkbox for a radio button? Sandeep
said he was doing it for the wrong reasons.

I recently designed an app where I did just that.


Well, I made the decision w/ my peers b/c while the behavior is wrong, we
1. this behavior is actually not well understood by our end-users
2. that radio buttons all stacked up in a vertical row just looks really
weird. It creates a warping effect in attempting to read the labels next
them and the clarity gets a lost.

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