10 Jun 2011 - 6:58am
Mike Myles

New design/development process article published on

I coauthored an article on using a Knowledge / Importance Matrix that was published yesterday on (link to article)

15 Mar 2011 - 8:27am
3 years ago
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Adapting Agile User Stories to role based application design

How do you handle writing user stories for system that contain numerous roles that have different permissions? It seem that when adding roles to system, the number of user stories is multiplied by the number of roles to address differences in every interaction. 

1 Mar 2011 - 5:56pm
2 years ago
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Mark Kirkland

Remote Whiteboarding Tools Anyone?


What methods are people using to include remote project team members in brainstorming or whiteboarding sessions? Has anyone succesfully found a way to do this using MS Live Meeting or some other screen-sharing tool?


Mark Kirkland
UI Design Consultant

Lakshmanan Laks...

JOB: Interaction Designer, Shanghai, Fulltime

Autodesk is looking for a Product Designer / Interaction Designer in Shanghai.

 Key Requirements:

  • User Interface design experience
  • Knowledge of prototyping tools
  • Exposure to Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical or any Engineering domain is desirable
  • Exposure to CAD software is desirable


Non-Chinese speaking candidates are welcome too.

25 Aug 2010 - 1:19pm
3 years ago
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A hybrid prototype — the holy grail of wireframing

After reading through Zaki Warfel's Prototyping, I hoped it would shed light on the most effective techniques. It was a very good read and included some invaluable insights on progressively iterating from paper models to high fidelity designs. It's led me to make some assertions about prototyping tools...

Karl Herler

Ian Swinson: Postcard Patterns: An Agile UI Pattern Creation Process


Traditionally, creating and maintaining a pattern library has been a daunting task requiring extensive resources and, sometimes, dedicated full-time employees. At our first attempt at producing a comprehensive library was bogged down by a waterfall-based creation and review process that yielded only two patterns in a six-month period. At this rate we would never approach completion.

4 May 2010 - 8:00am
4 years ago
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jeff noyes

Agile release cycles: every three weeks bad?

My company releases software after each iteration. The result is a constantly changing platform. I suspect this is really bad for the user experience. Anyone have usage data, case studies, etc on this topic?

-- Jeff Noyes Director of User Experience | Acquia 978.296.5237 | @jeffnoyes

23 Apr 2010 - 6:00am
William Hudson

Courses in Agile, Ajax and Web Usability + Book

(Apologies if you receive more than one of these.)

We have several courses coming up in May:
 - 10 May, Agile UCD (London)
 - 24 May, Ajax Design and Usability (UPA Conference, Munich - evening)
 - 25 May, Web Design for Usability (UPA Conference, Munich - full day)

30 Mar 2010 - 8:41am
4 years ago
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Ahmed Bassel

Software development house & Usability!

What is your experience in applying usability practices with 3rd party software development house? 

Assuming you are the UX guru in a software development house, who do the development for other companies. How do you or can you apply the UCD methods and usability practices?

25 Jan 2010 - 4:16am
4 years ago
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Kostanija Petrovic

Best role for UX in Agile/ Scrum - Customer vs. Implementer?

We are currently discussing what the best process role for UX within
in Agile/Scrum would be.

What is your experience? Which role would you recommend based on your
experience and why?

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