29 Nov 2013 - 5:48pm

CFP: Interaction Design for Environmental Information Systems (Session F4) at iEMSs 2014, San Diego, California, USA, 15-19 June 2014

Call for Participation 

Interaction Design for Environmental Information Systems (Session F4) at the 8th International Congress on Environmental Modelling & Software (iEMSs 2014), San Diego, California, USA, 15-19 June 2014.

Organizers: Daryl H. Hepting, Steven Frysinger, and Markus Wrobel 


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Christopher Rider

[EVENT] Interactive Spaces - Art, Design & Engineering

Interactive Spaces - Art, Design & Engineering

Join IxDA Los Angeles for an evening of stimulating discussion with six local artists, designers and architects, all of whom are helping to define boundary between art and design. Five brief presentations and a panel discussion on the nature of design, the challenges of the built environment, navigating bureaucracy, and your questions.

This event will fill up FAST, so RSVP at http://www.ixda.org/local/event/27830 now to secure a spot!

30 Sep 2010 - 5:20am
5 years ago
6 replies
John Gibbard

The PERFECT interaction or experience designer's workspace

So, we have been thinking about an impending office move and the inevitable relocation of the team of Information Architects to a new building. We want to take the opportunity to create an ideal environment for generating exceptional user experiences from strategy through documentation to prototype.

Some background


JOB: Emerging Technology Specialist - Interaction Design TELSTRA Melbourne Australia Fulltime

Telstra is one of the iconic Australians. Today we are a company that
looks to the world of tomorrow. We're on the forefront of the
communications revolution. It's an exciting place to be. Working in
a multi-disciplinary team of human factors specialists, technology
specialists and software developers in our Chief Technology Office
(CTO) you will contribute to creating prototypes of emerging

The main purpose of this exciting role is provide interaction flows,
information architecture and user interface design to tangible
software and device prototypes.

16 Jan 2008 - 2:15am
8 years ago
20 replies
Greg Petroff

The Designers Accord

>From our brothers and sisters in the IDSA there seems to be more
movement in and around sustainability and understanding issues of
environmental impact then I have seen discussed within our community.
I think the outlines of this accord are quite good.

22 Sep 2007 - 2:35pm
8 years ago
4 replies

The Third Place: We're designing it now.


Reading Joel on Software's Building Communities with Software
"The social scientist Ray Oldenburg talks about how humans need a
third place, besides work and home, to meet with friends, have a beer,
discuss the events of the day, and enjoy some human interaction.

11 Apr 2006 - 3:15pm
10 years ago
9 replies
Michael Jones

Does Sustainable Interaction Design Exist?

Google tells me it doesn't. But I'm convinced that there have to be
certain principles that interaction designers can follow that are
more environmentally friendly than others. I work at a product design
company filled with designers looking to develop products that are
less damaging and more environmentally friendly, but for the most
part, interaction designers are stuck on the sidelines developing
interfaces and screens that don't have any of the material or
manufacturing choices of industrial designers.

29 Mar 2004 - 3:21pm
12 years ago
15 replies
nyckiep at yahoo.com

Usability in the home

Is anyone out there working on usability in the home? I'm especially
interested in usable kitchens. I have yet to encounter one. I seem to
find a lot of work surrounding 2 dimensional interaction...what about 3
dimensional interaction with the environment? There is a lot of support
for office workspace ergonomics but what about domestic workspace


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