14 Aug 2006 - 10:30am
10 years ago
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Barbara Ballard

Fitt's law for mobile devices

I've been working on articulating some of the theory behind mobile UI
design, by examining current algorithms and heuristics from the entire
field. I'd like some feedback (blog post at [1]). I've got further
analysis with specific design recommendations at [2], but that is a
topic for a different message.

Mouse driven interfaces (software) – the "large" controls are the
edges of the screen, as they are really infinitely large in one
direction. Corners are larger still. Thus frequently used items should
go around the edges.

10 Oct 2005 - 3:00pm
10 years ago
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Norm Cox (sent ...

Touch screen target size

It's been a while since I've designed a touch screen interface, so... given a 15" LCD display and finger for stylus, what's the general consensus for the size of a discreet target? In the olden days on a CRT, it was typically about 20mm or 3/4". Given the reduction in paralax, improvements in touchscreen technologies, and such, what is a "standard" target size?

30 Jan 2004 - 5:17pm
12 years ago
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Todd Warfel

Fitt's Law and such [was: Mac OS X...]

Nick, excellent summary and question.

On Jan 30, 2004, at 4:46 PM, Nick Ragouzis wrote:

> "Where are my applications, my documents, my trash?"

That is the primary question, which relates to a set (series) of goals
(e.g. Make a new document, Open an existing document, Remove an
existing document (application)).

> People want to put *their* things where they want them. It's not
> uncommon in my experience to see users have many more applications
> ready to go then they actually use [...]

Many more applications is very, very common.

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