7 Nov 2005 - 6:12pm
10 years ago
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Physical Interaction Prototyping Toolkit Recommendations


I was inspired by some of the work that Smart Design showed during their
DUX'05 studio tour to renew my efforts to sell the idea of prototyping
physical interactions to some of TEAGUE's clients (we work primarily on
non-desktop consumer electronics products). Typically, we build high-end
appearance models to represent industrial design, and, separately, build
interactive simulations that run on a touch screen. This works well enough
for evaluation purposes in many cases, but, clearly, merging the hardware
and software models would result in higher quality feedback.

20 Mar 2005 - 7:21pm
11 years ago
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Peter Merholz

Five Lenses: Towards a Toolkit for Interaction Design

While you're all wasting your time discussing memetics and "selling" of
your methodology, Tom Erickson does it again with an insightful (and I
think, profoundly controversial) essay

Five Lenses: Towards a Toolkit for Interaction Design

Why controversial:
-Vastness of scope
-Role of theory (not too big, not too little...)
-dissing of how IDers use "affordance"

Anyway, something worthwhile to think about...


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