23 Sep 2013 - 1:01pm

Improving UX/UI in Advertising

Improving UX/UI in advertising has been a challenge for many folks for a long time, and I wanted to see if anyone could provide good resources on the subject. In addition, I'd love to hear what people think about this topic.

Here are a couple articles I found interesting thus far:

2 Apr 2012 - 11:45am

UX and Ad Revenue: What principles do you use to balance these sometimes competing requirements?

Most of the sites I've have worked on in the last several years have generated the bulk of their revenue through subscriptions or product sales.  My current project is to design a mobile website for a news/magazine organization that generates a lot of their revenue through ad sales.  In particular, they are looking at having a single advertiser "sponsor" their mobile website for an entire month.

14 Jun 2011 - 10:22am
5 years ago
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Shilpi Joshi

Are rotating banners still in trend?

Hello all, 

We are looking to revamp our website and make it more structured and informative, yet visually appealing to our guests. One suggestion that came up was the use of 'rotating banner' on our home page with some key information and links to our internal web pages.

We thus wanted to get an idea from the design community whether rotating banners are still in trend to use on the homepae of a website, as they were riding high couple of years back.

And, do they still have the same appeal to and draw from viewers?


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14 Apr 2010 - 12:52am
6 years ago
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An invitation to redefine the role and skills of a UX Designer

I would like to engage the UX designer community in a discussion about the different roles and skills necessary in today’s User Experience design field.  We have allowed many people in years past to define, or try to define what a UX designer is.  From developers, who may see us as simple-minded individuals who don’t understand basic UI design principles, to the business executives, who may see what we do as the final frosting decoration on the cake.

15 Apr 2009 - 3:46am
3 years ago
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Online Advertising vs User Experience

Hi All,

We often end up in a debate with our clients who are desperate for
earning some extra revenue by adding new advertising spots on the

How much ever we hate it, we end up trying to create a balance. It is
often the only source of revenue for many content based sites.

I am currently doing a research on how to deal with advertising with
minimum compromise on user experience.

Do we have any research / guidelines / best practices supporting the
same? How can we explain them the user experience point of view.


Ankit Shekhawat

22 Sep 2008 - 11:31am
7 years ago
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Matt Doe

Advertising in desktop software

For a product we are redesigning, we are beginning to add advertising
to our desktop software. This will come in the form of contextually
relevant ads because of something the user searched for and they will
also be delivered on the homepage of our application. The ads on the
homepage will not necessarily be spam. They will be things that have
the potential to be relevant to our users, but in no way help users
reach their goals of why they are using this application.

My question is, you can have a page like

18 May 2007 - 6:22pm
9 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Microsoft Pays $6B for Online Ad Company

I'd love to hear people's thoughts, especially from the fishies among
us about this deal.
I was speaking w/ a microsofty today about this and he is convinced
this is the new beginning of advertising. My take on it was more
personal. Razorfish has been a major organ (can't quite say it is the
heart) of the NYC/Silicon Alley UX scene for close to 10 years if not
10 years. It is hard to imagine that this organization is falling under
the umbrella of Microsoft. Will it still maintain it's brand? And
worse, will it still keep its NYC edge and connections?

3 May 2007 - 10:51am
9 years ago
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Daniel Williams

good examples of online advertising

Hello all

I am looking for Interesting, fun, rich, interactive (anything really)
examples of good online advertising. I am designing a site that
requires featured space (ads to inspirational content) in order to break the
user's normal purchasing habits (in an attempt to increase average order

Any examples of good online advertising?

(No static banners ads please)

Many thanks


22 Jan 2007 - 4:07pm
9 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Future of Online Advertising Conference

Does anyone know which organization is behind this conference? Any idea on
the format, speakers etc?


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