9 Sep 2014 - 3:28pm
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Lean UX Phoenix Full Day Bootcamp coming December 1st!

Lean UX: Agility through cross-functional collaboration 
Phoenix Full Day Workshop

12 Mar 2014 - 8:46am
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Kathryn Parkes

UX SketchClub Mar 24th @ iQ Content offices

IxDADublin UX SketchClub will be back on Mon 24th March 6:30pm-8:00pm.  

(PLEASE NOTE: We've rescheduled this event from Tues 25th to Mon 24th due a double-booking on the space).

8 Jan 2014 - 10:09am
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Kathryn Parkes

UX SketchClub 22nd Jan @ iQ Content offices

Join the IxDADublin group for a fun evening of sketching to express your ideas, for communicating, collaborating and storytelling.  

Wed 22nd Jan 6:30-8:00pm.

7 Oct 2013 - 11:54am
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Kathryn Parkes

UX SketchClub 22nd Oct @ iQ Content offices

Hi folks,

IxDADublin is hosting another UX SketchClub evening on Tues 22nd October from 6:30pm at iQ Content's offices on Clarendon St.

Never have time to practice your sketching or creative problem-solving? Want to communicate your ideas in a clear and efficient way? Want to flex your creative muscles?

15 Mar 2013 - 9:18am
Brian Sullivan

Design Like DaVinci: Leonardo's Sketching Lessons (SxSW 2013 Slides and Audio)

I have added my slides and the audio track for Design Like Da VInci: Sketching Lessons from Leonardo.

I would appreciate any feedback.


16 Mar 2012 - 9:30am
4 years ago
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Kathryn Parkes

UX SketchClub - 27th March

Hi all,

IxDADublin is having a SketchClub evening on Tues 27th March from 6:30pm hosted at iQ Content's offices on Clarendon St.

Do you wish you got more time to just sketch?  Wish you had more time to practice? Want to find new ways to get your ideas and message across? Want to overcome your fear of sketching in public?

We'll be running through a number of exercises to practice, share and collaborate on communicating ideas.  The event is free, very informal and open to everyone, we'd be delighted to have new members along.  

6 Mar 2012 - 2:22pm
4 years ago
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Anybody successfully incorporated interactive whiteboards into their design process?

Our team is revamping the design room. Our current process is to sketch on whiteboards or butcher paper and photograph, then email the results. When we can borrow a Panaboard (same thing, but captures images to a USB stick) we use that.We'd also like to collaborate with others remotely.


Test the ultimate website prototyping tool & win licenses - Suggestions for the beta

Serious about getting as much feedback as possible, Justinmind will launch several testing contests, both on MAC OS X and Windows, giving away free licenses of Prototyper as prizes.

This private beta will kick start starts tomorrow, on September 1st. Watch the trailer and register online to participate.

More info:

27 May 2010 - 1:47pm
6 years ago
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Sketching: Tools of the Trade (Pens, Pencils, & More)

Anyone have any strong recommendations for specific models of pens or pencils for the UI sketching process? 

I'm also interested in any additional trusty accouterments you feel add to the process and quality (rulers, stencils, paper, etc). 

Direct links to purchasing pages would be a super bonus :)

-- Clark Valberg
Epicenter Consulting


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