8 Jun 2007 - 4:18pm
9 years ago
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Billie Mandel

Confirmation dialogs - the devil himself, or a necessary evil?

Hi all -

So our esteemed colleagues Messrs. Cooper and Reimann have told us that
confirmation dialogs are insulting and stupid, to be avoided at all
costs -- and in general, I agree with them.

The question, though, is whether there are any cases where it makes
sense to use them.

24 Jun 2005 - 7:20pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Latest Issue of Business Week is on Product Design

The cover story is the best of product design for 2005 (damn! is the year
over already?).

Just thought I'd let this little community know about it.
I know their online version requires registration, but this one is worth
buying the print version of at your local newstand if you don't subscribe.

-- dave

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