27 Apr 2010 - 3:04pm
3 years ago
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hilary b

Intranet best practice

Hi there,

I'm starting work on an intranet redesign project and am after some examples of good intranet design in the last few years (most examples I have found are 2002 and older). Public & financial sector examples would be a bonus. Any suggestions welcomed

15 Apr 2010 - 10:37am
Sam Murray-Sutton

Simple product filtering implementation - feedback please

Hi there,

I've just put a new bit of product filtering live on a client's site, and I'd love a bit of feedback.

You can read a blog post explaining a bit about what we did here:

and you can view the filtering here:



15 Apr 2010 - 8:16am
4 years ago
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Regional influences of demographic data on design

Hi, I'm currently working as an Interaction Designer at an Email Marketing company where I'm also writing my thesis for my undergraduate (Bachelors) degree. The main goal of my research is to find if we can change certain aspects of email newsletter designs through personalization. We want to do this to create more interaction between sender and receiver of the newsletter (read: higher clickthrough rate and more conversions on the websites of our customers).

14 Apr 2010 - 10:44pm
4 years ago
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Fortune 500 User Experience ROI

I currently work for a Fortune 500 company as a User Experience Designer/Manager. I was brought in to help enhance the user experience of certain applications both web and desktop. My problem is not many people see the value of user experience. As with most public companies they only care about the bottom line. UX is looked as an expense and not an investment. I wanted to ask if anyone here had compelling data about what Fortune 500 companies are spending on UX and the return on investment they are seeing.

8 Apr 2010 - 4:33pm
4 years ago
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Alternative jobs relevant to UX research and design

I was fairly intrigued by this little bit burried in a thread about the lack of employment opportunities for junior UX folk.

"Along with that, I would encourage you to broaden your search beyond pure UX roles. BA roles, product manager roles and other roles in technology, experience delivery, or an industry of interest can be a great platform of experience on which to biuild a career."

I'm curious if anybody can expand on this. A few specific questions to get the ball rolling:

4 Apr 2010 - 2:02am
Sachin Ghodke

Copyright or © or both - grammar calls for some sound bites.

I wonder if people do pay attention to simple things like writing "Copyright" or "©". I mean, grammatically it does mean the same, why then use both in the folio (footer) of your website? Its either or and not both.

Examples: (this one's wasn't expected) (this too?)

27 Mar 2010 - 5:53pm
4 years ago
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The betacup design challenge for a sustainable community

It’s been said that design shapes behavior; and in user experience (UX) design, behavior informs design which shapes behavior. We can almost taste the tail of the snake in its own mouth.

26 Mar 2010 - 8:44pm
4 years ago
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Fred Celestino

Architecture: When Traditional meets Informational

Dear IxDA members,


Some of you may have learned from my previous threads that I am a visual designer and I would like to propose a collective usability test for a project I just launched this week.

23 Mar 2010 - 12:20pm

Prototyping Definition

Hi Everyone,

I have distilled the definition of prototyping, from a UX perspective, not a dictionary one. Anyway, it was part of a three part blog entry on my blog and I would be interested in your feedback and comments.


how to give a start for you innovation !

As a creative web designer, you will probably jobless in the near future; because variety of web layouts, iconography and interactivity has already invented and tested within the past 20 years. You may only experiment new graphic styles; but not more then that…  Regardless, your boss, your customers or the users still demand on your innovations to be impressed, but it isn’t so easy as before.

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