8 Sep 2013 - 12:25pm

In depth analysis of garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is just a natural slimming item which aside from the natural slimming additionally, it offers a far more peaceful awakening in the morning and a visible increase in your daily energy. Many of these happen due to the natural ingredients that it has. The extract from the fruit Garcinia cambogia has the capability to reduce the sensation of hunger and this actually contributes to the reducing of the use of meals, which is the most important thing during weight-loss.
19 Apr 2011 - 11:36am
5 years ago
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tracking time on task - web app

I'm working with a team where we want to be able to show improvement, decreased time on task, after we re-design the UI. I want to track time on task for a web based application. Has anyone captured time on task, and possibly click and scroll data from a particular web app? How do you pull the data for that app out of all of the other web related work that person may be doing?


Thanks for your insights,


9 May 2010 - 4:52pm
6 years ago
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Double Click Duration

Hi folks,

I'm trying to dig up some guidelines for implementing double-click.  I can and have searched teh internets and consulted, e.g., The Essential Guide to UI Design. :)  I also know most of the principles and can derive from what the OSes and such do as well as the next person.

I say all that in hopes of focusing replies--I'm specifically looking for references based on testing and/or real-world practice.

15 Sep 2008 - 1:48pm
7 years ago
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Philippos Savvides

Interesting interface design

Kind of uncomfortable in the beginning. Any thoughts?

28 Sep 2007 - 12:07pm
Gustavo Gawry

Understanding data from ClickDensity/CrazyEgg to help on redesign

I have a doubt about those Click Tracking apps and I would like to know your
experiences about that

I need to create a method, a logic to understand those numbers/graphics from
ClickDensity and comparing them with WebTrends data or Google Analytics.

Does anyone knows an article or something that could help?

7 Sep 2006 - 7:29am
9 years ago
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Davis Marasco

Slick - no click!

In helping my boyfriend prep for upcoming interviews, I stumbled across The experience was a little jarring at first as I kept
hitting the back button while navigating through the site and even
attempted to <gasp!> click on a few 'links'. This is the complete
opposite experience of what they are trying to achieve; the navigation
scheme is structured such that the application shifts its content as the
user moves their mouse, avoiding the use of mouse buttons.

16 May 2006 - 6:15pm
10 years ago
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I've just been to a talk with Bruce Sterling at Space studio and it
was an amazing experience to meet him. His speech commands such
knowledge about the different fields of study that he has worked on
over the years. After going to this meeting it has helped me and also
changed the way that I use language to describe a particular
technology, improving my understanding of how we can use this
particular technology.

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