22 Apr 2014 - 1:11pm
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Barter app needs a UX team

I am a part of a team that has won grant money from Gannett to develop an idea. We need to build an app. We are looking at different companies to see what they can do for us.

Can you recommend a talented UX group in DC that we should be working with? Is it you?

reach out to us right away. My email is

thank you!




20 Aug 2013 - 3:57pm
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Advices in job search

Hi. Few moths ago I have moved to London. Actually it is half a year already. All this time I'm sending my CV and portfolio to the recruiters and looking for some vacancies on londojobs and design week, but... I've had only one interview for all of this time. I have 10 yrs experience in UI/web design, but I understand that here in UK school of design is higher than in Latvia where I'm from. But still...

16 Mar 2013 - 10:20pm
2 years ago
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Sujin Kim

Who's in charge of "strategy"?

I am from South Korea and studying new media advertising in the U.S. I am really confused about the UX career responsibilities. There are so many titles such as planning, UX, research, usability and human factors. Is there a difference between planning and UX and research and usability and human factors – or is it all the same job?

8 Mar 2013 - 9:51am
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Myplanet Digital Seeking Interaction Designer

Are you passionate about people and building unique, kick-ass user experiences? Myplanet is looking for a creative thinker who can handle their own conducting research, innovating on our UX process, sketching wireframes, helping teams develop great products and carries post-its and a sharpie wherever they go. It’s a tall order, but if you are up the challenge, then we’re looking for you.


24 Nov 2012 - 4:41pm
3 years ago
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Looking for an Entry-level position in Europe

Hey everyone, 

This post is mostly for those of you already in Europe. I'm graduating with a BS in Human-Computer Interaction and a BA in Int'l Relations soon, and I'm really interested in just working in Europe for a little bit as a UX/Ix Designer. I have 1-2 years of design experience. 

So those of you US citizens working in Europe right now, how did you end up there? How was the visa process?

I'm looking for resources on first finding a UX-related job abroad, and then information on how to do the entire legal process. 

15 Oct 2012 - 7:50am
Jenny Hertel

Job posting: full-time rapid prototyper at Indiana University Bloomington

The Process eXperience Group at Indiana University is hiring a rapid prototyper.  See job description for details. If interested, please apply via the Jobs@IU system.

27 Sep 2012 - 6:04am
3 years ago
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UX-related job seeking

Hi everybody,

I'm a UI Engineer that have been working in Sophia for 2 years. I open this thread to ask you if you know some names of companies of the area to which I could send a CV. I'm interested to switch to a UX-oriented position, such as UX Designer, Information Architect, Usability specialist or similar and  I saw there are people working in these design fields, but I can't find any job opening in Monster, LinkedIn, etc.

Thus, knowing some companies that might be interested in such a position would be really helpful.

15 Sep 2012 - 5:16am
3 years ago
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What questions should I be asking this company in an interview next week?

I have an interview with a large pan-European technology company next week who are opening up a new role for a user experience architect. Reading between the lines in the job spec, the role also involves service design and some business analysis; this is something that I welcome. As a company that is opening up a new user experience architect role, what are the pertinent questions I should be asking to uncover what is planned for the future? I don’t want to be a UX team of one for the long-term.

23 Aug 2012 - 2:44pm
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Do the best UX work of your life at Intercom

Hey guys,

Intercom is going really well for us. So much so that we need help. Our design team previously consisted of myself & Eoghan. But we can't give design or UI the time it deserves any more. We've recently hired a fantastic visual designer, and we're looking to pair him with a fantastic UX person. The role is pure UX, no clients, pitches, or proposals. You'll be working with our visual designer, myself and Eoghan (CEO) to make Intercom the most usable beautiful web application in the space. 

20 Jun 2012 - 3:14pm
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Algonquin College Looking for UX Professor

Hi Guys,

Algonquin College School of Media and Design is looking for a part-time UX professor to teach 3rd year course. Focus is mainly mobile and tablet UX/UI design.

If interesested contact Andrea Emery at

- Jed

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