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Say hello to everyone!

Hello everyone!

Let's start by introducing ourselves here alongwith our areas of interest and other hobbies (if applicable). 

26 Sep 2007 - 11:40pm
Janna DeVylder

[Event] Chicago IxDA - Oct. 10th - Design Pattern Libraries

If you're in the Chicago-land area, please join us for our first
topic-oriented event!

Topic: The 'WHAT', 'WHY' and 'HOW' of design pattern libraries
No one seems to be talking about pattern libraries these days, so we thought
we'd be the first to... oh, wait.
Ok, so everyone is talking about them. But WHAT are they? WHY are they worth
our consideration? HOW do you create and utilize one (and how far do you
have to go for it to be useful)?

Presenter(s): You...and the well-stocked audience.
This is not the event where you will only hear one perspective on this

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