14 Oct 2009 - 11:55am
6 years ago
5 replies
Brian Mila

Required fields - one or the other

Can anyone point to examples of forms that require one or the other of
something? For instance, a contact form where either email -or- phone
is required. The context is I have a web app that has search fields
in which some combination of elements is needed. There could be as
many as a dozen different search criteria, and out of those there are
up to four "primary" fields and only one of which needs to be filled
in (doesnt matter which one, they have equal weight).

14 Mar 2007 - 5:09pm
9 years ago
3 replies
Mark Richman

How to display 'required' form fields when vast majority are required

I am wondering how I might indicate (or not indicate) required fields on a
form where pretty much every field is required.

While in the past I've used the lazy man's convention of indicating required
fields with an asterisk, presenting a page where every label is preceded by
an asterisk seems ridiculous.

Yet, there may be other pages on the site with a more balanced mix of
required and optional fields, where I might wish to use asterisks.

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