26 Aug 2014 - 9:09am

A Beginner's Manual To Facebook

On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Effortless Podcast , I decided to do some thing a small bit various. I'm currently promoting my signature system, Facebook Marketing and advertising Profit Lab When I develop a new program, I often develop a free of charge, value-packed training close to the promotion.
10 Nov 2011 - 2:43pm

Network with College Students

Hi IxDA Members!

I am the founder of Ixda Miami University. For our info session I would like to put together a video of YOU telling my group members about your personal story with Interaction Design. I am looking for anyone working in the industry.

17 Mar 2011 - 12:21pm
5 years ago
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interactive fiction

Short Video Production for Internet Workshop

So my company is starting to look in the direction of online video and I've been asked to sign up for the following:

The workshop is titled "Short Video Production for the Internet". It's open to non-members for $40 and takes place in El Segundo, CA. I'm passing this information along in case anyone is interested or has some experience with this workshop.

19 Mar 2010 - 10:06pm
6 years ago
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Martin Alejandro

Nueva Interfaz y funcionalidades en Youtube

En el grupo en Inglés de IxDA, están debatiendo sobre un tema acerca del que postee hace poco.

El post en Inglés (sin respuestas al momento): (abre en nueva ventana)

Mi post: (abre en nueva ventana)

Si les interesa, podemos seguir el debate por aquí.


IxDA Buenos Aires
Community Manager


19 Mar 2010 - 9:46pm
5 years ago
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Fred Celestino

Youtube new interface

Hello there,

Anyone noticed the redesign on Youtube's player page? I would like to ask what your views are on that.

With plenty of mouse-over events, fade in-outs, reorganized information and the end of internal scroll bar for related content, I personally think it's a good and strategic step towards HTML 5 capabilities that will soon be official and support video plus richer design patterns. But that's just a quick superficial analysis.



17 Oct 2007 - 4:33pm
Oleh Kovalchuke

How to not change the design (YouTube) with a few commonsensical rules for the change

A quip.

YouTube has changed their design recently. One thing they did right about
the change initially - they didn't force the change: an unobtrusive message
had invited you to "try" the new layout before you switch.

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