10 Jun 2009 - 9:09pm
7 years ago
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Advice on Grid for Visual Studio Developers?

Is anyone aware of a developer's reference on defining a layout grid
(or the atomic unit thereof) in Visual Studio? I've tried searching,
but am perhaps not using the right search terms.

I mentioned the need for all our UIs to be designed according to a
grid, and got some "deer in the headlights." And when I used 960
site as a means to convey my point, they got it... but responded with
"that's CSS - for web development.

Eric Swenson

Open Source Project Management & Collaboration Platforms

I have been working with hosted and enterprise online PM collaboration
products for over 10 years.

25 Feb 2009 - 9:33pm
7 years ago
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Sabina S.

Software Websites: Box Shots?

Imagine you design Websites for software products. Your company's
products are compelling and well designed. What do you put on your
Website homepage? How do you fulfill your mission of distinguishing
your product suite when some of your products are similar?

To add more context, imagine you know that many of your customers
will download the software on the spot when they visit your site. A
few will order physical copies.

The defacto standard seems to be box shots -- thumbnail images of the
box the software comes in. Is that how you would approach the design?
Why? Why not?

19 Feb 2009 - 2:49pm
7 years ago
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Wireframes, supporting documentation, and software choices

What software do you use to do the documentation to support your
wireframes? (eg, the tables that list out each interface item,
description, system response, error states, etc.) The same software
that you use to create the wireframes? (and if so, what software is

At my last company, we did wireframes in Visio and the element tables
in Word. So we had to paste the Visio wireframes into Word and update
two documents, which I hated. But Visio can't handle tables well, in
terms of wrapping the text, tabbing through them, etc.

14 Aug 2008 - 7:52pm
8 years ago
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Michael B. Moore

Basic time tracking and invoicing for a solo consultant

I'm neck-deep in looking at various options for doing basic time tracking
and invoicing just for me, not a whole agency. I've wasted a ton of time on
this and figured I'd tap the collective wisdom here.
Up until about a year ago I used a pretty simple timer on my Treo and an
Excel spreadsheet for the invoices.

5 Nov 2007 - 3:14pm
Matthew Campbell

JOB: User Experience Designer / Harris Corporation - Waterloo, Ontario (Full-time)

User Experience Designer at Harris Corporation - Waterloo, Ontario, Full


Interested in designing software to be used in playing out live HD
broadcast graphics and 3D animations on air for high exposure television
programs around the world? Then you may be interested in this role with
Harris Corporation. We are looking for an User Experience Designer to
join our Inscriber Graphics product team. Harris Inscriber graphics and
titling products provide industry leading solutions for broadcast and
post production.

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