Which prototyping software is best for interactive prototypes? Axure, iRise ... other?

I want to find a great interactive prototyping tool.

Note that I said "interactive."  Interactive wireframes are fine; but static wireframes are not.

Clean, production-ready code is not necessary. I don't need collaboration or documentation features.  Flow diagrams are only a plus.

Which tools should I spend the time to research?  iRise?  Axure?  Others?


JOB: Sr. UX Strategist (multiple openings) - Houston, TX - Contract and/or Full Time

User Experience (UX) Strategist

The User Experience (UX) Strategist will be responsible for
collaborating with other UX team members and the Creative and
Technology teams to define the overall User Experience for a given
project. The UX Strategist will work to understand user goals,
business goals, technology parameters and design constraints to
create a user experience that will deliver success.

28 Jul 2009 - 3:03am
3 years ago
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iRise: Fast prototyping tool?

I want an opinion about iRise:

By watching their videos I got an impression that is too back-end
focussed. No much room for a 'rapid' UX mind-set. For that I tend to
stand for Axure. Light and fast prototypes with documentation. I have
no experience with iRise and depending on complexity it might bring
benefits to the requirements management and other parts of the
application development, e.g. back-end programming, test scripts and
so on. It looks overkilling to test UX, though.

Is someone, focused on UX, actually using it? For fast simulations in
an iterative design process?

28 Feb 2008 - 3:54pm
8 years ago
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Rob Nero

iRise Designers?

Is anyone using iRise for simulations, requirements gathering, or any other

I would be curious to know your experiences.

23 Jan 2007 - 8:19am
5 years ago
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Janna Cameron

Rapid Prototyping Tools


I am looking for a tool that would essentially allow me to make a "paper
prototype" that I can share with a remote participant. I have been
using DENIM ( which does everything I
need. I am looking for an alternative because of performance issues.
Any recommendations?


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