6 Jun 2011 - 2:26pm

Contest-based user research?

Hi all,

I'm a UX research intern at TechSmith (makers of Camtasia, SnagIt, and Jing), and I've been working on more research on screencast viewers and consumers and their experiences, as opposed to just on our users, who generally create the content. To try and research common negatives experiences within screencasts, I've been trying something new and worked on the TechSmith Terrible Screencast Contest (

1 Mar 2010 - 3:42pm
6 years ago
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What is the best way to merge qualitative and quantitative data?

Good Afternoon IXDA…

I could really use your expertise to help me answer this question…

9 Feb 2010 - 10:56am
6 years ago
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Jeremy Kriegel

Localized UX research in France or doing research in another country and language

does anyone have any general experiences to share about doing research
in another country in a language no one on your team speaks?

More specifically, has anyone used any research agencies in France?

Mark FelcanSmith

JOB: Manager User Experience - Research Lab, Chicago, Sears Holdings, Full Time

Are you ready to help shape the future of retail?

Sears Holdings is seeking an experienced Research Lab Manager. We are
the nation's fourth largest broadline, multichannel retailer. We have
established a design studio in downtown Chicago with a fully equipped
Usability Lab, which is located directly on top of our downtown
Chicago flagship brick and mortar store; 4 floors of customers
actively shopping at your ready!

You are creative, motivated, and able to excel in a fast-paced,
innovative environment.

17 Nov 2009 - 4:24am
6 years ago
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Vineeth nair

User Recruitment Agencies: Delhi/Maharashtra/Kerala

Hi All,
I was wondering if anybody knew reliable quality agencies which would
help recruit people for inquiry in villages in the following states

1. Delhi/UP/Haryana
2. Maharashtra
3. Kerala

If you have had some experience with an agency before, or know that a
particular agency is good, please do let me know. The requirement is a
little urgent!


Steve Portigal

Reading Ahead - Design Competition @ Core77

We're psyched to be working with Core77 on a design competition that
is about taking our Reading Ahead project (user research findings
about the reading experience and associated opportunities - ) into developing
concepts for possible future products, services, and more. I think
it's really important for our fields to have artifacts, examples,
experiences, etc.

18 Aug 2009 - 10:59am

Understanding how surveys are used

Hi All,

My apologies for cross posting

I am running a study to understand how surveys are used in our field.
I would appreciate if you could help us out and take the following

Thanks in advance
Alok Jain (AJ)

29 Apr 2009 - 8:55am

Where to find user feedback/reviews?

Hi all,

I'm wanted to do some poking around to find reviews/user feedback on
Verizon's new capability to link up multiple accounts under one
username/id (now you have a username for landline, wireless, .net
mail etc.). Any ideas of the best places to look online for this type
of research??

Lis Hubert

2 Feb 2009 - 2:06pm
7 years ago
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User Research: Three user groups, five hours. What would you do?

I am being given the opportunity to visit a client of our software to
do some user research. I have never been on site with any of our
clients before.

At this client we have 3 user groups two who do different tasks and
one super user who can do everything plus config.

I only have five maybe six hours depending on flights being on time

We have full access to both groups all day but I would like to send
them some sort of schedule so they are not just sitting around
waiting on us.

1. Understand the users and how they use the software.
2. Uncover any pain points.

21 Oct 2008 - 12:04pm
7 years ago
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Chad Jennings

Online Questionnaire Best Practices (Anyone remember that Interactions article?)

Howdy all -
I am looking for a resource which outlines list best practices for
online questionnaire creation. Want to provide some guidance to our
marketing team. I remember reading a great one or two page article on
"Top Ten Best Practiced for User Questionnaires" or something like
that in an issue of Interactions magazine a year or so ago, but cannot
for the life of me track it down. It had a some great items such as
starting with easy to answer questions and to not include a middle,
neutral point (i.e.

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