11 Jan 2008 - 12:22pm
8 years ago
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Shaun Bergmann

ATM machines

I hope I am not alone in finding at least some level of frustration with
just about every iteration of ATM interfaces installed from just about any
financial institution.

What are some of the major changes you'd like to see in them?
I have a few suggestions:

1. If there is going to be some sort of additional surcharge for using the
bank machine, and you need to prompt the user to answer YES or NO to their
submission of $2.00 for the convenience, then do so near the beginning of
the process.

9 Apr 2007 - 9:51pm
8 years ago
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ATM interaction design

ATMs are a pretty common device, and they've been around a long time.
I would have hoped we would have this optimized by now, but it seems
interfaces are still (a) wildly inconsistent and (b) inefficient.

Most ATMs appear to (still) be designed for the first-time user,
which is frustrating for most people.

Here are two good things I've noticed recently:
* PC Financial (Canada): when depositing checks, you are presented
with a small ledger, where you can enter check amounts one at a time,
and let the ATM do the adding.

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