24 Aug 2010 - 7:39pm
5 years ago
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Dave Malouf

IDSA's Human Interaction creates the Interaction Design "Archetype"

The above link is to a google doc (odd publishing platform if ya ask me).

The document outlines 3 levels of practice within the role of Interaction Designer as defined by the Human Interaction Community inside the Industrial Design Society of America, IDSA. 

24 Jul 2010 - 7:53pm

Explaination of ID, UX, IA etc.

I am new to the field of Interaction Design. I found this great page that attempts to explain the different names. You ID veterens will have to tell me if this holds water.


9 Oct 2008 - 4:09am
7 years ago
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Bill Verplank sketched metaphors and paradigms

some week ago I attend a wonderful BayCHI session with Bill Verplank. He talked about metaphors and actually sketched them live in front of the audience. He also provided a framework for different computer paradigms - that's BTW the cover of Bill Moggridge' book on Designing Interactions.

19 Mar 2008 - 7:57pm
8 years ago
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Chris Hlavaty

DEFINE: Affordance

In the discipline of IxD, the word has been used to define a possible
action perceived by a user within some environment (Norman 1988). In the
classic example, the affordance of a door with a flat metal plate is
"push." The affordance resolves to a verb, an action to be performed.

However, of late, I've seen the word used loosely to describe the clues
that suggest an object's possible actions.

20 Feb 2008 - 2:06pm
8 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Where are all the designers?

Just a quick question: Where are all the interface and software
designers in Silicon Valley? Has everyone just packed up and left or
what? I see more job listings, postings and calls for resumes and yet
there seem to be even fewer people to fill the jobs than ever before.
I used to have trouble hiring at Adobe back in the late 1990s mostly
due to the high experience and training requirements needed to work
on software at that level, but that was before there was an influx of
people and talent into software related products, especially from the

24 Jan 2008 - 8:06pm
8 years ago
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Demers, Scott

Differnce between user interface and interaction design?

Hi, Folks -

Just curious how some of you would differentiate an interaction designer
from a user interface designer? Apologies if it's been discussed to
death before. Looked quickly on the discussion archive and didn't see


Scott DeMers

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