31 Jan 2012 - 3:14pm
4 years ago
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How do you organize all your 'design idea' clippings?

I'm always taking screenshots of cool website interactions or designs when I browse around and put them into a 'design ideas/inspirations' folder on my computer. I was wondering, for you designers that do something similar, how do you go about organizing your clippings?

27 Dec 2011 - 10:30am
4 years ago
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Please provide feedback

Hi all,

Wireframes.org is an online Wireframing and Prototyping tool.

Can you please review the website and the application and provide feedback:

Thank you,

11 Feb 2010 - 6:59am
6 years ago
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Jan S.

Study IxD - What are my options?

Hi there,
I am so happy I found this place and believe that I will finally find
answers to my zillions of questions ;)

I have a degree in media management (which is like business
administration for media companies) and currently work as a product
manager for an innovative online company in germany. As product
manager I constantly do concepts about our websites and features, so
I already have professional experience in the area of interface and
web design.

I always had a huge passion for design, internet and photography. And
now I want to commence my educational career in this area.

21 Jan 2010 - 6:42am
6 years ago
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[EVENT] Eye Tracking Practical Workshop: A one-day tutorial at City University London

City University London HCID will be running a workshop covering the
basics of eye tracking and how to use the Tobii Studio software
application to run eye tracking studies.

The first half of the workshop will cover the fundamentals of setting
up the eye tracking equipment as well and conducting the tests
themselves, followed by a demonstration of how the analysis tools can
be used to get the most out of the testing sessions, conducted by Raj
Arjan, Interaction Lab Manager.

Jon Ward from Acuity ETS will then be showcasing some of the latest
eye tracking technologies.

7 Dec 2009 - 6:51pm
6 years ago
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Jayson Elliot

Best non-Flash sites?

I've been looking at agency websites for the past couple hours on theFWA.com
and my eyes are bleeding. It's one bizarre Flash disaster after another.

Does anyone have a favorite site (or resource for looking at some) that is
both engaging & cool AND usable?

9 Sep 2009 - 11:34pm
7 years ago
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websites as art

I was chatting whit a colleague, and we could recall examples in the early
days of the web where a site was a work of art, and no other thing but art,
but can't think of recent examples. any sightings?

30 May 2009 - 6:01am
6 years ago
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i need to design a portfolio page fast.

Hi, I need to design a portfolio page very fast.the page should show
that we work close to apple standards as well as the portfolio
products need to be highlighted. http://www.cadile.com/portfolio.html
heres the link...Looking forward for your suggestions.

5 Feb 2009 - 9:43am
7 years ago
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Virtual Smart Agents increase conversions?

This came up this morning while chatting with a content manager friend
of mine. She's installing one of those "virtual smart agent"
things on her customer's web site.

It's one of those little in-page chat windows that pops up and asks
if you'd like to talk to an agent and get help.

She says they "increase conversions 10%".

I think they're one of the more annoying, and misused bits of fluff
to appear in the past few years.

28 Jan 2008 - 10:57am

JOB (Waltham MA) for junior/mid-level Web designer

Come work with me! Lime Brokerage is looking to hire a full-time Web
designer. You'll likely own the corporate Web site and work with me
on the design aspects of new online products. Lime Brokerage is
growing rapidly and expects to roll out new online products this year
and for many years to come.

The official job description is below.

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