Comprehensive research on a local community, for local communities

If you're a local leader, and you've ever felt like you see the same people at every meeting, or you only see different people at every meeting and they've never heard of IxDA, or you're tired of running meetings but there's no-one to take over, this is for you.

If you attend local meetings, and you've ever felt like your local group doesn't meet enough, or the topics aren't relevant enough, or it's hard to find a job in town, or you don't know enough people, or you're the smartest person in the room all the time, or everything is always over your head, this is for you.


Advice for kicking off an online community for engagement?

Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to engage a small group of people to be active (asking questions and answering others') in an online community of people going through a similar experience (in this case, pregnancy). 

4 Jan 2011 - 10:11am
Erin Lynn Young

[EVENT] IxDA Austin // Tuesday, Jan 18 // Using Online Communities to Harvest Ideas, Decrease Support Costs and Kick-Start Loyalty

National Instruments has won awards for the way it has built user feedback into the development process for its flagship product.

24 Feb 2010 - 10:03am
6 years ago
2 replies
Adam Fellowes

Have you worked with R&D or research users?

Hi all have a couple of question relating to R&D and research users.

I'm running a workshop the beginning of next month.

31 Jan 2008 - 2:19pm
Jeff Howard

Interface Design Community on Ning

Since Andrei had asked about other communities for interface design I
thought I'd point to a new group over on Ning. Still very much in its
early stages but it looks like it's a synthesis of a few different
points of view: user interface design, HCI, usability and information

// jeff

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