IxDA discussion forums - why a linear feed and not categories?

Ever since I started using the IxDA website, I've been curious why the discussions are shown in a linear feed vs a more traditional category or sub-forum organizational structure. I have a terrible time trying to find anything here because the only search tools are keyword based (search box at the top of the page and word cloud on the side) which generally ignore the secondary information heirarchy of time, and thus seem to return extremely old, and generally no longer relevant posts. 

4 Oct 2010 - 10:43am
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Jef Lippiatt

Any informal or social meetings or events planned in the area?

I recently started working in the Cincinnati area and was just curious if this group has any planned or unplanned meet ups or social events? If no social events or meetups are happening, I would be interested in participating in some networking and design discussions with others in this group.

How is the scene down here for UI / UX and the like?

4 Feb 2008 - 8:40pm
Uday Gajendar

Rhetorical approaches to design definitions

FYI, for those interested in some insights from a rhetorical
perspective on how to approach the problem of "defining design", as
quoted by Dick Buchanan, former head of the CMU School of Design and
current chief of their doctoral program. I've posted the main passage
on my blog here:

The key point is distinguishing between formal and descriptive
definitions, and using Aristotle's four causes as a general guide.
Hope the ixda community finds this useful...

Best regards,


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