Part-time/Flexible HCI/IxD courses

Hello everyone,

I'm very interested in interaction/UX design that I'd like to do this full time. After reading books like "About Face", "What makes them click", "Why we love or hate everyday things"..etc I started developing solutions for issues I had in mind, with the purpose of practicing design in general. 

To work in this field full time, I was advised to enroll in a program. However, I'd like to keep my full time job in Dublin while studying.

27 Sep 2007 - 10:16pm
8 years ago
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Nicolas Cohen

studying interaction design


i've been working for 3 years now doing interaction design for
websites and web apps here in buenos aires

there's no institute to study here, and i really want to attend
college, but for the prices ive seen, its totally outside of my
budget (a pretty high sallary here in argentina is 20k dollar a
year), i've contacted carnegie mellon, but understood that there are
no scholarships for undergrad students.

what would you suggest me to do in order to study interaction design?


Nicolas Cohen
BA +(54 11) 4855 9371

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