28 Jul 2011 - 10:37am
5 years ago
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What is the best Date Entry/Selection Widget You've Ever Seen? What Makes it the best? Same question for Time Entry/Selection.

I'm putting together a design standard for the best possible widgets for date and time entry/selection. Anyone have examples that fit all or at least some of these requirements? I understanding that this is contextual and there is no one size fits all):

1. Supports multiple input methods ā€“ mouse (click and scroll), keyboard (explicit values as well as arrows, tabs, spacebar, enter) when the platform allows it.

23 Mar 2010 - 11:20am
6 years ago
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Date format based on local

Iā€™m looking for a resource that provides the most common(preferred) date format for a local. e.g. U.K ā€“ dd/mm/yyyy , Bulgaria ā€“

22 Jul 2009 - 8:29pm
7 years ago
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Melissa Cooper

Date based search on Mobile web

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone knew good examples of date search on
mobile web.Specifically talking about html driven stuff, not iphone

The difficultly with date based searches on mobile, I am realising is
error prevention (in the absence of relying on ajax) and fatigue at
the prospect of interacting with multiple and very long pull menus.

I have a bunch of quick links to commonly used date ranges - ie, this
weekend, but I also need to provide the flexibility to allow users to
choose any singe date in the future or a date range.

22 Dec 2005 - 12:33pm
10 years ago
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design of date/time selection

We have an application where we need to provide
an interface for selecting time periods (for reporting, analysis, etc.)
The user will need to select a start time & date, and an
end time and date.

We already have some interesting ideas, but if anyone has any
references or examples for inspiration (web sites, etc.)
it would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested in providing a very
simple, elegant, solution for business users. This function will be used
very often.


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