5 Apr 2010 - 2:29pm
Mike Myles

UX Matters article: Using a Collaborative Parallel Design Process

I just had my article on collaborative parallel design published on UX Matters and wanted to share the link with members...

Hope folks find it of interest and useful.

15 Feb 2010 - 4:54pm
6 years ago
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Gail Swanson

UML for UX?

My organization is moving toward UML for all of its documentation,
from requirements through development and maintenance. The UX
practice here is in it's infancy and I am now a team of one. While
I'm familiar with UML, I'm skeptical that it will be appropriate
for user flows and any other UX documentation.

Has anyone worked in a UML environment? How did you integrate your
practice into RUP or similar methodologies?

5 Dec 2008 - 12:35am
7 years ago
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Itamar Medeiros

[BOOK] "How do you design?" available online

In hjis book, Hugh Dubberly <> have
collected over one-hundred descriptions of design and development processes,
from architecture, industrial design, mechanical engineering, quality
management, and software development.

Musstanser Tinauli

Interaction Design and Experiential Factors, What do you think?

The theme of this research is: IxD and Experiential Factors.

The considered experiential factors include (Learnability, usage, error and
feedback, Comfort, Collaboration, Affect, Guidance and support,
Accesability) . Depending on the kind of product some factors can become not
applicable .

The boundaries of IxD here are pretty much similar to those defined in Dan
saffer's IxD Relationship .

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