25 Jan 2010 - 4:16am
6 years ago
12 replies
Kostanija Petrovic

Best role for UX in Agile/ Scrum - Customer vs. Implementer?

We are currently discussing what the best process role for UX within
in Agile/Scrum would be.

What is your experience? Which role would you recommend based on your
experience and why?

10 Jun 2008 - 2:11pm
8 years ago
3 replies

Project Management with Scrum

Hey All,

I would like to know if anyone out there has any experience working with the Scrum Project Management and how it ties in with the whole design process (starting from site maps and wireframes to visual comps).
Scrum (for those of you are not aware of it) is a more start up like management style where there is more of emphasis on collective responsibility (as opposed to responsibility of the proj manager). Also, in Scrum the work requirements, development and QA happen side by side (as opposed to one after another). So basically, you work on smaller pieces of the puzzle.

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