23 Feb 2011 - 2:20am
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Ben Melbourne

FloodAid Case Study & Interaction Design Trends for 2011

Following up form last night's meet-up, here are the slide decks from Case Study
Presentation by Ben Hamley & Adrian Carsen

Interaction Design Trends for 2011
Group discussion facilitated by Dan Seward

8 Apr 2010 - 4:08pm
6 years ago
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Matey Odonkor

Online Content Comsumption Pattern for 30-40 yr olds

I will like to hear from anyone who has done research on or knows the behavioral pattern of 30-40 year olds and their use of news/stories online. I am particularly interested in how they approach such content, what they do with it (e.g. share with friends), what content are they likely to approach and consume (hot topics, gossips, etc), what form of content (shorts, trailers, long, etc), etc.

16 Aug 2009 - 1:57am
7 years ago
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Netbooks lead the way on how we’ll be using our mobile phones in the near future

As per surveys, Netbooks are being used primarily for business,
entertainment and communication and it's being seen as a secondary
device. I've covered that in more detail here:

Since it's not replacing the laptop, I think what’s basically missing
is a phone added to the mix.

1 Sep 2008 - 9:42am
8 years ago
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Mobile touch screen UI trends

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have detected new trends on web design for touch screen mobile
devices as HTC, Samsung, etc...?

Have you seen any web optimized for HTC?

Everybody is optimazing their website to iPhone UI, but what about the
others touch screen devices?

What would you recommend, should we use a different UI for this kind of
models, more iPhone like or should we keep designing classic mobile web UI?

optimize or not optimize?



Échale un vistazo a mi blog

23 May 2008 - 6:33pm
8 years ago
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Luke Bishop

query: mobile functionality trends

Hi All,

Im curious if anyone has come across any recent research or trend projections regarding the future of mobile phone form / functionality / IxD, as a result of nano-technologies impacting the industry.
Sorta along the lines of what Nokia is projecting in 5-7 years with Morph.
Apologies if this is already an ancient line of discussion here...

- Luke

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