15 Jul 2013 - 2:19pm
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Opinions sought - is it really worth finishing grad school?

Hello folks,

I'm thinking aloud here, and wanted to hear some other opinions..

I'm an MFA Interaction Design graduate student doing my first internship as a UX designer. One of our clients planted a seed in my head that maybe I shouldn't finish my graduate program and just get into the job market, and that seed has taken root. 

27 Sep 2011 - 9:42am

MFA Interaction Design in Industrial Design

Interaction Design program is the latest addition to Purdue's prestigious Industrial Design area within the Department of Art & Design.

Based on our experience on design education and collaboration with the industry, we notice and understand the urgent needs of interaction design in the domain to shape everyday life. We look for the harmonious integration of both physical and visual interactions in the product design.

The area of Interaction Design offers a 2~3 year MFA graduate program.

31 Aug 2011 - 8:26pm
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What are the "main" differences between getting a degree (e.g., MI) from an "iSchool" vs. an getting an MDes or MFA from an IxD specific program? And which would be better for someone with a humanities background?


I'm new to this site and have been reading a bunch about master's programs for IxD since I've been preparing to apply for the Fall 2012 term. This whole field is relatively new to me (I only found out about it about half a year ago) and at first I was concentrating on strictly IxD programs (like at CMU or U of Wash), but have lately found threads where iSchools were mentioned as being good because it doesn't require a design background, so I started taking a look at those.

22 Mar 2009 - 10:16pm

[WORKSHOP in NYC] Visual Storytelling Through Comics: Theory and Practice with Scott McCloud

The MFA in Interaction Design Program at SVA and IxDA NYC are pleased to
announce the first of a series of quarterly workshops:

Join comic book artist Scott McCloud for an exclusive two-day visual lecture
and intensive hands-on workshop in the art of making comics. Strong emphasis
will be given to developing clarity, storytelling skills and personal
expression. Students will learn and apply a variety of techniques for
presenting narratives through comics, as well as a wide arsenal of skills
applicable to any form of graphic communication.

12 Jun 2008 - 12:50pm
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Dave Malouf
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