27 May 2010 - 1:47pm
17 weeks ago
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Sketching: Tools of the Trade (Pens, Pencils, & More)

Anyone have any strong recommendations for specific models of pens or pencils for the UI sketching process? 

I'm also interested in any additional trusty accouterments you feel add to the process and quality (rulers, stencils, paper, etc). 

Direct links to purchasing pages would be a super bonus :)

-- Clark Valberg
Epicenter Consulting


6 May 2010 - 2:33am
Marek Pawlowski

Nominees announced for 2010 MEX User Experience Awards

Hello everyone - thanks for all your entries to the 2010 MEX Mobile User Experience Awards. Today, I'm delighted to announce the nominations for the 5 categories, including the MEX Innovator of the Year.

You can check out the entries, videos and screenshots at:


The contest closed on 30th April and, since then, our judges have been hard at work to decide the short-lists.

3 May 2010 - 9:42pm
4 years ago
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Mike Dunn

What is the new metaphor?

With all of the talk lately of how devices like the iPad represent a democratization of computing and a casting off of the decades-old desktop metaphor in favor of a new one, the one question I keep asking myself is "what is the new metaphor?"  Is there even a real-life metaphor that can describe it? Any thoughts?

21 Apr 2010 - 5:34am
Marek Pawlowski

MEX UX Awards deadline is looming - 30th April

Hello - a quick reminder for the group that the deadline for entering the MEX User Experience Awards is coming up fast: Friday, 30th April 2010 at 23:00 London time.

Entry is free and open to all through a simple online form:


(You can also browse all the existing entries and vote for your favourites.)

19 Apr 2010 - 7:55pm
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Phil Downey

Project MORIS: Shown at IxDA Waterloo's April Meeting

Jon and I thought we'd throw the slideshow we presented on the internet for anyone who wanted to take a closer look. Since we didn't get a chance to show you the prototype application, you can actually download it and give it a try too. I whipped up a blog post here summarizing what Project MORIS is all about with links to the application and the presentation.

16 Apr 2010 - 4:29am
4 years ago
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Mattias Konradsson

The UX of Notifications

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a desktop notification system and is pondering some issues I haven't seen much discussion about , perhaps the list has some insights and thoughts on the subject :)


14 Apr 2010 - 9:18am
4 years ago
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Marek Pawlowski

Deadline for MEX Conference scholarships this Friday

This Friday, 16th April, is the deadline to apply for one of the scholarships to attend the MEX Mobile User Experience Conference & Awards in London on 19th/20th May:


The 7th international MEX Conference brings together 100 of the deepest thinkers in mobile user experience for 2 days of expert learning, new idea creation and networking.

12 Mar 2010 - 6:34am
4 years ago
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Cathy Wang

Telecom Self Service (Web & Mobile)

Hi Everyone.

I am doing an impossible research. Currently I am trying to find out how all the different telecom self-service portals work. As it's almost impossible for me to be a customer for all mobile carrier (around the world), I am asking the community to help.

This thread can act as a resrouce gathering for pattern study in telecom self-service. (if we manage to gather enough screenshots) I think this would be benefitial to everyone as this is not just a portal, not just a website, but more of a service design on the web.

21 Jan 2010 - 6:42am
4 years ago
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[EVENT] Eye Tracking Practical Workshop: A one-day tutorial at City University London

City University London HCID will be running a workshop covering the
basics of eye tracking and how to use the Tobii Studio software
application to run eye tracking studies.

The first half of the workshop will cover the fundamentals of setting
up the eye tracking equipment as well and conducting the tests
themselves, followed by a demonstration of how the analysis tools can
be used to get the most out of the testing sessions, conducted by Raj
Arjan, Interaction Lab Manager.

Jon Ward from Acuity ETS will then be showcasing some of the latest
eye tracking technologies.

12 Jan 2010 - 3:22am
4 years ago
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Daniel Demel

How to optimize for different screen resolutions.

Hi all,

I am working on a software interface which is going to be used by
healthcare professionals while counseling and fitting medical
instruments for patients at the same time. Setup is usually a
computer on a desk, operated by the healthcare professional while his
patient is sitting on the oposite side.

The current UI is optimzed for 1024 by 768. What we could observe
while visiting users is the fact, that most of them use 17" to 19"
screens. Some go bigger, some use 16:9 laptops.
But most use the 1024 by 768 even if the display supports much higher

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