22 Nov 2013 - 8:20pm

Cloud Computing And Safety Issues

* Speed - PHP is faster than ASP in terms of speed. If you are looking for developing web applications that you expect to do multiple queries at a faster pace and which will be accessed several times, it is better to go with PHP and not ASP. PHP is more efficient than ASP; therefore can help you with effective web development. Our creative design process allows us to start web programming from a blank page and quickly move to the final product by email correspondence.
14 Sep 2011 - 10:35am

Examples of Solution Selling

Zappos has a great example of a Solution Selling module that they call "Shop by" which allows their customers to shop for a specific "complete look" based on their fashion style.  Crate and Barrel has a similar module when you get to the product level.  What other examples of Solution Selling modules are out there?

12 Feb 2010 - 4:50pm
Michael Eckersley

Service Tools For Self-Managing Chronic Disease Risk

Dear All,

Last summer I presented a piece at the Service Innovation Design & Dev conference in Chicago. Topic was Service Tools For Innovating Chronic Disease Management. Worked with a great team of IxD and Design Management grad students at University of Kansas. Employed varied research and interaction methods to better understand those either suffering from chronic diseases or at risk for chronic disease. This spring we're picking up where we left off, prototyping and testing the actual tools with patients at St.

Juhan Sonin

JOB: Interface Designer, Boston, Involution Studios

Interface Designer
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Contextual awareness on mobile apps

I've been watching the growth of contextual awareness in mobile apps
recently.... There are several GPS, positionally aware apps... but I
wonder where else this contextual awareness can go? What else do
people want to know about their social networks beyond location
awareness? Events and shared interests are well traveled... In
general, the more (reliably) connected mobile devices become the more
opportunity for contextual awareness of the world around me...

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