Laura Dailey

[JOB] Career Opportunity with Cerner Corporation: Interaction Designer

Cerner Overview
Cerner is the leading U.S. supplier of healthcare information
technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes.
Around the world, health organizations ranging from single-doctor
practices to entire countries turn to Cerner (NASDAQ: CERN) for our
powerful yet intuitive solutions. Cerner offers clients a dedicated
focus on healthcare, an end-to-end solution and service portfolio,
and proven market leadership.

18 Sep 2009 - 6:33am
6 years ago
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Russell Stout

IA and copy plan templates in Excel

To date we've been creating site plans, wireframes, copy outlines and
functional specs across a range of different document types (word,
Excel, Illustrator, Omnigraffle).

This has generally worked ok over the years, but we're trying to up
our game and rationalise the tools we use - specifically site plans
and copy outlines.

We were thinking that a simple content plan created in Excel listing
section, pages and metadata along with project status is flexible and
team friendly (anyone can update without specific software), but not
particularly client friendly regards an aesthetic site plan.

19 Jun 2007 - 3:43pm
9 years ago
8 replies
Wendy Fischer

wireframe plugin for Adobe Illustrator?

I'm wondering if there is a flowcharting/wireframing plugin for
Illustrator? Something that makes the arrows and shapes connect more
dynamic (features like snap, grid) like Visio or Omnigraffle?



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