7 May 2012 - 3:17pm
3 years ago
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Product perception questionnaire

Does anyone know of any known Software product perception questionnaire that assesses how people perceive a product when they first take a look at it? For example, it looks complicated, it looks simple, it looks busy, ...

5 Aug 2010 - 4:39am
Caroline Jarrett

Event: Workshop on Survey Design, Dundee, Scotland, 7 September

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28 Jul 2010 - 12:38pm
5 years ago
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Wording survey questions ("What is your blood pressure?" versus "My blood pressure is...")

What are your thoughts about wording questionnaires? 

"What is your blood pressure?" versus "My blood pressure is..."

Answers are radio buttons below the questions.

The first option seems more accusatory while second option might require more thought from participant as its a bit fragmented. This is a health questionnaire so I am trying a softer approach.




21 Oct 2008 - 11:04am
7 years ago
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Chad Jennings

Online Questionnaire Best Practices (Anyone remember that Interactions article?)

Howdy all -
I am looking for a resource which outlines list best practices for
online questionnaire creation. Want to provide some guidance to our
marketing team. I remember reading a great one or two page article on
"Top Ten Best Practiced for User Questionnaires" or something like
that in an issue of Interactions magazine a year or so ago, but cannot
for the life of me track it down. It had a some great items such as
starting with easy to answer questions and to not include a middle,
neutral point (i.e.

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