IxDA discussion forums - why a linear feed and not categories?

Ever since I started using the IxDA website, I've been curious why the discussions are shown in a linear feed vs a more traditional category or sub-forum organizational structure. I have a terrible time trying to find anything here because the only search tools are keyword based (search box at the top of the page and word cloud on the side) which generally ignore the secondary information heirarchy of time, and thus seem to return extremely old, and generally no longer relevant posts. 

19 Jul 2009 - 4:28am
7 years ago
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Sarah Zhang

Tag cloud generators

Hi All,

I'm doing an evaluation of the publically accessible tag cloud
generators. Tagging is quite popular now, but most of the tagging
activities belong to folksonomy, which users tag manually. Tag cloud
generators are used to create tag clouds automatically. There are
ways to generate a tag cloud:

1. Given a piece of text, create a tag cloud according to the
frequency of the words.
2. Given a URL of a web page, generate a tag cloud based on the
existing links on that web page

I found several tag cloud generators on the web and use them for my

29 Feb 2008 - 11:38am
8 years ago
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Switzky, Andrew

Tag Cloud navigation

I hope I'm not repeating something that has already been discussed.

The Smoop Beta (http://beta.crowdstorm.com/Products ) uses Tag Clouds to
support a guided search.

If you select camera in the tag cloud on the products page, the system
returns with search results for camera and a tag cloud that allows you
to narrow your search further. Does anyone know of other examples of
sites that are using tag clouds in this way?

Andy Switzky
Senior Information Architect
Austin Energy - Web/Portal Services

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