30 Dec 2008 - 3:37pm
7 years ago
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Profile picture for multiple social networks

Hi all,

This may be obvious to others, but it's not clear to me:

Is there a good enough reason why when I want to change my profile picture
for Google, Yahoo!, Skype, LinkedIn and all the other social networks I'm a
part of (i.e. IxDA :) ), I have to go to all these places and upload the new
picture, and I can't just upload one picture to one place of my choosing?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc

31 Oct 2008 - 11:17am
7 years ago
20 replies
Andy Polaine

In the Event of My Death

Something I've been thinking about for a while is what will happen to
all my digital assets - all my online accounts, etc. - when I die.
More particularly, if I die suddenly in an accident, etc.

I own all the domains for my family's name and the hosting accounts
they (and several clients) all use and, like many of you, have many
online accounts for everything from banking through to Twitter. This
is a growing problem - I imagine the laws regarding power of attorney,

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