20 Jun 2012 - 4:03pm
3 years ago
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Looking for insight on graduate programs in Interaction Design

I have recently been looking into the possibility of interaction design as a career choice, and I was wondering what sort of graduate school programs would be open to me. I have been perusing the discussion boards, but it seems as though there aren't very many conversations about this in the past couple of years about it so I was wanting to get an updated perspective.

27 Sep 2011 - 9:42am

MFA Interaction Design in Industrial Design

Interaction Design program is the latest addition to Purdue's prestigious Industrial Design area within the Department of Art & Design.

Based on our experience on design education and collaboration with the industry, we notice and understand the urgent needs of interaction design in the domain to shape everyday life. We look for the harmonious integration of both physical and visual interactions in the product design.

The area of Interaction Design offers a 2~3 year MFA graduate program.

21 Apr 2011 - 4:15am

Documentation techniques in interaction design

I am writing a master thesis in regards to using concept mapping to support interaction desing processes. I would like to know what documentation techniques are mainly used in interaction design and can they be used through all stages, such as research, design, development and production stages?

Maybe you could also recommend articles touching upon this topic.

11 Feb 2010 - 6:59am
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Jan S.

Study IxD - What are my options?

Hi there,
I am so happy I found this place and believe that I will finally find
answers to my zillions of questions ;)

I have a degree in media management (which is like business
administration for media companies) and currently work as a product
manager for an innovative online company in germany. As product
manager I constantly do concepts about our websites and features, so
I already have professional experience in the area of interface and
web design.

I always had a huge passion for design, internet and photography. And
now I want to commence my educational career in this area.

29 Jan 2010 - 3:30am
serena cangiano

JOB: scientific collaborator at the Interaction Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switerland

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
(SUPSI) is advertising a job vacancy at the Department of
Environment, Construction and Design (DACD) for the Visual Culture
Lab in Lugano - Trevano SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATOR at full employment

Tasks in the field of research in Interaction Design:
– collaborate with the head of the research in design and technology
to the devel-opment of research activities;
– participate to applied research projects for the development of
fully functioning prototypes;
– provide documentation in order to prepare and prese


"What have you left behind?" project

Hi everyone!

I am writing you to tell about my final project of the Master in Interactive
Media, at University of the West of England, Bristol.

I am developing a project in which I am sending small notebooks for people
in different parts of the world collecting answers about what they have
left behind.

I am always very interested in projects that is applied to different media.

Check the website and blog:**

Any ideas or comments are welcome!

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