26 Jun 2011 - 2:26am
5 years ago
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software tools/skills for these concept videos!!

Hi there ixdesigners! I was recently asked to work on a video project along the line of these amazing works:

21 Apr 2011 - 4:15am

Documentation techniques in interaction design

I am writing a master thesis in regards to using concept mapping to support interaction desing processes. I would like to know what documentation techniques are mainly used in interaction design and can they be used through all stages, such as research, design, development and production stages?

Maybe you could also recommend articles touching upon this topic.


JOB: Emerging Technology Specialist - Interaction Design TELSTRA Melbourne Australia Fulltime

Telstra is one of the iconic Australians. Today we are a company that
looks to the world of tomorrow. We're on the forefront of the
communications revolution. It's an exciting place to be. Working in
a multi-disciplinary team of human factors specialists, technology
specialists and software developers in our Chief Technology Office
(CTO) you will contribute to creating prototypes of emerging

The main purpose of this exciting role is provide interaction flows,
information architecture and user interface design to tangible
software and device prototypes.

19 Mar 2009 - 5:02pm
7 years ago
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Eduardo Loureiro

The true focus of interaction design

Hi folks,

What the opinion of you about the true focus of interaction design?

I have seen several projects in the Master's programs that focus
only on the interaction between man and computer.

25 Feb 2009 - 12:17pm
7 years ago
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Nikhil paul

Concept evaluation - itsme workstation

Hi everyone,

A few days back i introduced a new project "ITSME" : a new
workstation for the knowledge worker based on the concept of Stories
and Venues (find details here

Up till now we have defined the ID Model, released explorations of
Interaction Paradigms and Preliminary GUI, to achieve a detailed
design of itsme visual interface.

19 Jan 2009 - 6:13am
7 years ago
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Jakub Linowski

How many alternatives, concepts, or sketches are enough?

Harry posted an interesting post on "90 percent of everything" about not
rushing to design solutions too quickly. Designers should cover the design
space with divergent approaches first and identify proper alternatives
before converging on an idea.

25 Nov 2008 - 12:52pm
Michael Eckersley

"Kindle Love" concept prototype:

Given soundings of a new 2nd generation Kindle on the way, thought you
might get a kick out this short concept prototype ("Kindle Love")
video sketch by a small group of students in my recent "Scenarios &
Simulations" course at Kansas. Credits at end.

Product designers learning grammar of story-telling and film–
contextual, not deadly serious.

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