18 Jul 2011 - 1:09pm
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Sean Gerety

ReMIX South

Hey everyone, I'm one of the organizers for ReMIX South (last year ReMiX Atlanta), and I'd like to invite everyone to join us for ReMIX South.  We've got a full track on UX, along with Web, Mobile, Tablet and Kinect tracks.  Kicking off things is Albert Shum, Director of the Windows Phone Design team, giving the keynote followed by great talks from the likes of Rick Baeeaza, August De Los Reyes, Jen Downs, James Chittenden, Zachary Pousman, Luke Hamilton, Steve Dawson and many more.

28 Dec 2009 - 11:45am
Ron George

my suggestion for replacing the WIMP acronym

Hello Everyone. While at MSFT I was working on NUI principles to
utilize for all the products moving forward. This got me into a lot
of really high level thought processes. Based on all of the writing
for my book I have been doing, and since I left Microsoft a month or
so ago, I submit a recommendation for a new acronym. This could be
used to describe Modern User Interface Design.

OCGM, pronounced like Occam['s Razor]

Objects, Containers, Gestures, Manipulations

No need to rely on windows, menus, etc. I posted about it on my blog
as well.

7 Jan 2009 - 1:46pm
7 years ago
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Microsoft Surface and Windows 7

I was just wondering what people thought about the new Microsoft
Surface. Has anyone had a chance to demo it or play with the SDK?
Also, any thoughts on how interaction design will be impacted with MS
Surface technology being used with Windows 7 (due out late 09 early
10)? What preemptive measures can we take to deal with the shift in
how a user interacts (touch screen vs mouse) with applications on
there desktop pc or laptop?


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