Designing for Imperfection

A couple days ago, I posted an article on UX Magazine about inexact design. It follows from the way I have been working for a long while, and some presentations I've given, but after reading some other work on electronics design and service availability (and talking with some other smart UX folks) I codified it a bit more.

5 Apr 2010 - 2:29pm
Mike Myles

UX Matters article: Using a Collaborative Parallel Design Process

I just had my article on collaborative parallel design published on UX Matters and wanted to share the link with members...

Hope folks find it of interest and useful.

2 Feb 2009 - 7:36pm
7 years ago
14 replies
Al Abut

Preparing a presentation on Fireworks

I'm getting back into public speaking and giving a short presentation
next month on my design process in Fireworks, so I thought I'd
collect some questions from the list in advance.

23 Nov 2007 - 2:03pm
8 years ago
5 replies
Pawson, Mark

Can Contextual Design be used to define a business process

Well its November and time to reorg the corporation again:)
We are looking at ways to integrate UCD with Business Development. Specifically we are looking at using methods such as K. Holtzblatt's Rapid Contextual Design to develop a new process, rather than a product, that creates a positive user experience for customers transitioning from a legacy application to a new generation product. We are thinking of doing contextual inquiry to understand the decision process customers go through so we can identify what makes them decide to transistion, what are the pain points etc.

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