11 Jun 2010 - 9:49am
6 years ago
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Rutger van Dijk

Simulate high resolution display (e.g. a videowall)


We're currently developing an application which (just one of the features) shows a interactive map on a videowall.

This videowall has a very high resolution but is constructed out of pretty old displays/tubes. Together these displays form a high resolution; I don't know the resolution exactly, but starting Microsoft Word shows a small window in the upper left corner of the videowall. I will lookup the resolution next week.

12 Mar 2009 - 8:26pm
7 years ago
15 replies

White text on dark background?

Hi everyone,

There's a debate in our team on whether we should use dark or white
background when displaying texts (say around 200 words).

Not considering the fonts, font size, and color contrast, I found
myself feel more comfortable to read texts on dark background for
longer period time on screen. Some posts I found on web (such as
http://my.opera.com/Vorlath/blog/show.dml/283240) also state print
media and computer screen are different. Computer screen itself
outputs lights and thus white background can be blinding.

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