Frank Long

Out of Box Experience - 5 ways to make it work

The out of box experience (OOBE) describes the users first interaction
with a product or service. In the technology sector this first
experience invariably involves plugging stuff in, installing some
software and crossing your fingers in the hope that the product will
work. The problem is that, in far too many cases, it doesn’t.

Recent conducted by Accenture in the US shows that each year
consumers return millions of electronic products – not because they
don’t work, but because customers think they don’t work.

15 Mar 2009 - 3:10pm
7 years ago
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Rob Anders

Enabling iphone type experiences for non-consumer devices such as industrial, medical and automotive products - looking for strategic partners from an IXDA/UX background

Hi There,
I am CEO of an international technology company, called Anders
Electronics plc - HQ'd in London, and historically we designed and
manufactured LCD display components for companies developing
non-consumer products.

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